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Former Liverpool curler to be a part of Juniors

Curler and former local, Jill Brothers (Mouzar), is heading to Queens County for the M&M Meat Shops Canadian Curling Juniors.

Jill Brothers of CFB Halifax competes against Team Rhyno (Mayflower Club) during the Nova Scotia Women's Scotties Tournament of Hearts at the Sydney Curling Club.

Brothers has been curling for 21 years and is also the honourary chair for the event.  She has quite the record under her belt including having played in juniors, won the provincial competition in ladies curling in 2007, and her team won the national mixed competition in 2010.

Brothers moved to Ontario for a few years and continued to curl there but has since moved back to Nova Scotia.

“No matter where I have been, I have been curling,” says Brothers.

She is acting as an advisor on the committee for the juniors to help the players get what they need and give some insight as a curler herself.

Donna Hatt, co-chair of the juniors event, was in Toronto promoting White Point when Brothers bumped into her.  The two had never met before but Brothers agreed to help out with the event via Skype and real life.

“It’s really nice to be able to give them honest feedback on what they need to supply so that all of the juniors feel really welcome and at home and all the little details of what they need.  Donna and Greg have done a really great job on their own so I’m really just supporting them and giving them some more details,” says Brothers.


Brothers has also been dealing with media and will be attending much of the event and helping with anything she can.

She offered a little advice to curlers competing in the event.

“Time flies so just enjoy it when you’re there… you never know what’s going to make a lasting memory whether you’re not having a good week or you are having a good week, you’re going to have memories so really try to make the most of it so you have good memories, not negative memories,” says Brothers.

Brothers competed in the Nova Scotia Scotties Tournament of Hearts from Jan. 7 – 12.  She played with Skip Heather Smith, along with Blisse Joyce and Teri Lake. Her team swept the Scotties Tournament of Hearts over the weekend, going 7-0. 

The Scotties are the highest level of women's curling in Nova Scotia, and the winners move on to the Canadian Scotties Tournament of Hearts in Montreal in February.

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