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LETTER: Energy East pipeline important for country's economic wellbeing

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My question is simple – why is Canada so divided?

Canadian provinces and territories cannot, and so do not, freely trade with each other. This is madness!

The whole country needs the Energy East pipeline but then Quebec shuns the very idea and says they will never allow it to happen.

The French province is doing very well economically but still has no problems in accepting billions from the federal government in equalization payments.

On this issue, the country is simply divided by language with Quebec saying, “We’re alright Jack, sorry about the rest of you.”

The whole country needs the increased Trans Mountain oil pipeline capacity from Alberta and Saskatchewan to the British Columbia ports.

That is painfully obviously but then we see that the environmentalists, the First Nations folks, the misguided Green Party and NDP politicians are seemingly oblivious to the damage they are causing to whole of the country — and saying as much to our hard-working countrymen and family.

Like it or not, the income from the oil producing provinces has sustained the wellbeing of all the provinces for several decades.

The country is so divided politically that a change in leadership is now due. The “Sunny Days” have now reached its time just before nightfall.

Unfortunately, there seems to be no new government in waiting, which will probably mean no change come the national elections next year.

The NDP claims to represent the working class but are led by a leader who isn’t even sitting in Parliament.

The Conservatives, led by their ever-smiling leader, are lacking in providing any reasonable alternative strategies on anything substantial.

The 2019 Liberal government will then be allowed to continue to provide their pathetic leadership instead of dealing with the obvious needs of the whole country.

The current government is more worried about trying to reduce the country’s carbon output when Canada produces only 1.6 per cent of the world’s total output.

What about the detrimental and consequential effects on all the working folks losing their employment throughout the country, in the midwest, Ontario and here in Nova Scotia?

Who cares? Apparently, no one cares.

David Old,

Hants Border

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