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Thanks to one of our Rotary Club of Yarmouth members


The Rotary Club of Yarmouth would like to publicly acknowledge the tremendous dedication of one of our members to the community of Yarmouth.

Winnie Surette has been a Rotarian for over 20 years and in that time she has contributed in so many ways to the running of the club.

All monies raised by the club go directly back into our community and this was part of what drives Winnie’s passion. She has displayed a strong love of community, dedication to the welfare of our children and a love of good fun.

Her innate ability “not to be said no to” has made her an expert record-setting ticket seller. Her hugs and her kisses for anyone and everyone have brightened our spirits.

Winnie is well known for her work with Rotary’s Meals on Wheels program. Sometimes, when volunteers were short, she delivered hot meals up to three times a week. Dozens of clients looked forward to her smiling face coming through the door at noon.

To Winnie, all people are equal and all deserve a chance at success. She has worked tirelessly for us all and the Rotary Club sincerely appreciates her years of hard work, honesty and love of her community.


Scott Lutz

President, Rotary Club of Yarmouth



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