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LETTER: Weymouth faces future without MD

There is grave concern with much skepticism as to whether or not Weymouth and area residents will still have a doctor after the end of this October when Dr. Donald M. Westby will retire from medical practise after 31 years.

In autumn 2003, the Weymouth Medical Clinic was set up in a bid to attract more doctors to the tiny village. Though several doctors have come and remained in Weymouth albeit for a short time, this has not worked out for our area, much to our chagrin. 

What assurances are there doctors elsewhere will be able to absorb all of Dr. Westby's patients, i.e. Digby or Meteghan? Either location may not be convenient for some Weymouth and area residents to commute for medical services.

Without Weymouth having a local doctor, this may also place the future of the local pharmacy in some doubt.

If a physician replacement is not found within the six months remaining, then the Weymouth Medical Clinic will become the village's white elephant. Is there any way a medical crisis in this area can be staved off?


Joseph G. Jarvis, Weymouth

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