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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Time for Baillie to resign

SHELBURNE – I am afraid that unless something is done soon, the Nova Scotia Progressive Conservative Party will be looking to form government from the left field bleachers for years to come, unless leader Jamie Baillie finally takes an exceptionally hard look at the polls and realizes he has to resign.

Another poll released Friday, March 11, has the Liberals once again with a commanding leads of 33 percentage points over the Conservatives. Even worse, Mr. Baillie’s personal popularity sits at 15 per cent compared to the Premier’s 41 per cent.

Party members across Nova Scotia recognize we need a change right now, not in two to three months, or after the next election. I am hopeful this letter will encourage more Progressive Conservatives in Nova Scotia who know the dire straits we are in to speak out and encourage Mr. Baillie to resign immediately as leader.

I was a proud member of the John Hamm government for seven years. Yes, I supported the nurses during contentious legislation, but despite this John Hamm ran a solid, fiscally conservative government and despite ominous signs when I first ran in 1998, he fought hard and formed a majority government in 1999.

Jamie Baillie was not his chief of staff at that time, but was when we were reduced to a minority government in 2003. Mr. Baillie has been leader of our party since October 2010, close to six years and we are going nowhere.

Mr. Baillie, it is time to move out of the leadership chair. It is a job you are failing at. I have no doubt that one day you could be one of Nova Scotia’s best finance ministers, but in order for that to happen you have to remove yourself as leader and allow someone to step in and bring the party back to power.


Cecil O’Donnell,

Clyde River,

Shelburne PC MLA 1999-2006

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