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LETTER: Different angle on angling rules for the Cornwallis


I spend a lot of money and time each year fishing for shad, trout, and stripe bass.  I am very upset with the proposed 2015 change regarding the fishing regulations with the Cornwallis River for brown trout on page five of the NS Anglers handbook: Extend angling season for brown trout from Oct. 1 - 31, catch and release, barbless artificial fly only.

Thus, like most anglers, I believe in trout management and I have reviewed the Nova Scotia Trout management plan of 2005.  Brown trout were introduced to Nova Scotia in the 1920s from Europe and have since established self-sustaining populations in many rivers in Nova Scotia. I don’t feel there is just cause to introduce a fly-fishing only policy on the Cornwallis River located in Kings County.  Why should there be a catch and release or fly-fishing policy on a fish that is not in danger? Fishing in Nova Scotia is a long family tradition. How many little children can use a fly rod?  Fly fishing takes years to master and is a talent skill. I find it difficult to believe this anti-family policy has even made it to the Nova Scotia 2014 Handbook for Anglers.

Furthermore, I request the Minister of Fisheries Keith Cowell to look into this proposed change and over-turn this matter to support all fishermen and not just what the Fly Nation community wants to impose on the Cornwallis River for all anglers in the Valley.


Jason Langille

Black Rock 

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