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Letter: Changes needed before Shelburne amalgamation can happen


Your editorial of 17 Nov makes a metaphor of amalgamation and marriage between the Municipality and Town of Shelburne.   

Marriage is inevitable between them.  However, at this time, this would be neither a marriage of equals, nor a happy marriage nor a beneficial marriage.   All reports are that one partner is not very compatible with the other.  Some will be hurt by a union under the current circumstances.  Hopefully, the attractiveness of each party will change with time. 

The wedding planner has work to do to make the arrangements compatible.  Can the Province assist the Town to make it a stronger partner in a marriage?  Can the Province give a union a better chance of success not just in the short term but also the long term?  What is the Town doing to turn around its decay and make a union beneficial to all?  What will the marriage contract contain for happy, successful and comfortable nuptials?  A lot more marriage preparation needs to be done by the Town before these two approach the altar even for an arranged marriage.   

The Municipality has made the right decision under the current circumstances and said that there will be no more courting “until the financial risks are mitigated”.  The Town has to improve its situation before this becomes a desirable marriage of equals.  Marriage is still possible but a lot of circumstances have to change before that happens.

                  Sherm Embree

                  East Sable River

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