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First annexation threat sparked the ‘real problem’ in Hants County


Just a bit of my background: I served 17 years with the Windsor Fire Department as a driver and treasurer, and fought a few major fires at mostly my employer’s expense (due to my absence from the job).  Just a few of the major fires that I remember include the Mounce’s Nursing Home fire in Falmouth, where several people (I can’t remember the number) were recovered from the basement; secondly, the high school at Kennetcook where we saved the new wing; and thirdly, the forest fire at Mt. Uniacke, where we only lost, I believe, one house out of probably a dozen at risk.

In retrospect, I look at the present cost (over four years) and have tried to relate it to 60 years ago at the start up. The wonderful No. 5 rural truck cost, I think, $23,000 and our services received $ 18,000 yearly.  Incidentally there were employers in our town that docked the pay of their absent firefighter employees. My employer had four such workers and no dockings. I think it was through my own employer, and our great Fire Chief Walter Stephens that we compensated from our rural account all “dockings.”

Years ago, the threat or intimidation of annexation of part of Falmouth (where I was formerly living) including those with water and sewer services was a bombshell to the other council and also property owners. My friend’s taxes would have gone from $ 1,200 to over $ 2,000. This was the start of all future differences. If the Town of Windsor had made a statement to the (reversal) contrary, just perhaps, perhaps things would be different today.

I personally thank Stan Kochanoff and Jim White for their comments, and I would urge them to consider council service. Kochanoff, along with his fine performance in minor hockey, is world traveled and would be an asset to any council.


Ted Crocker (A.K.A. Ted Haley),


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