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Top takeaways from Region of Queens council

Deputy Mayor Susan MacLeod made a motion at the Nov. 28 Region of Queens meeting to approve an increase to the budget for grants for local organizations prior to the start of the 2018-2019 budget.
The budget will now total $50,000.
 “The motion before you is simply for pre-budget approval,” said Jennifer Keating-Hubley, interim chief administrative officer for the region.
She said the budget amount would be in the 2018-2019 budget year, which starts April 1, 2018.
“We need prior approval to advertise for the grants to organizations process,” she said.
Advertisements would begin in December and January, said Keating-Hubley.
Coun. Heather Kelly, who represents of District 2, said there’s no information about why the grants to organizations budget is being increased to $50,000.  
“Normally, council will put a figure forward as a pre-budget amount so that staff can plan budget. It provides information to the public regarding how much will be available for grants,” said Mayor David Dagley.
Council can later amend the total, added Dagley.
New Year’s Levee
Kelly, meanwhile, read a motion recommending that the region chip in to help the local legion hold a Jan. 1 levee.
“I so recommend that the council of the Region of Queens Municipality approves sponsorship in the amount of $450 for the legion’s New Year’s Levee, to be funded from the advertising and promotions budget,” she said.
Keating-Hubley said a request is made each year.
“They always look for us to provide half in support of the levee,” she said.
Fatal motor vehicle collision
The Queens RCMP is still investigating the fatal collision that happened at Queens Place Emera Centre Aug. 19. The office is awaiting the collision analyst’s reports to determine any further course of action, says the Queens detachment council report. The report also says the victim’s family and driver are aware of the status.


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