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Top council takeaways: Region of Queens discusses solid waste, board reappointment and concert at Jan. 23 session

LIVERPOOL – The Region of Queens Municipality’s council held its regular council meeting Jan. 23, and one of the topics on the agenda was funding a concert that was expected to be announced the following day.
Deputy Mayor Susan MacLeod read the recommendation that council approve funds from the 2018-2019 budget for the upfront payment required in the amount of $27,500 for the event that will be held at Queens Place Emera Centre.
Board reappointment
“I’d like to recommend that the council of the Region of Queens reappoint Marie MacLeod as the region’s representative on the Western Regional Housing Authority Board, and that appointment will expire on March 19, 2021,” read Coun. Gilbert Johnson.
Interim chief administrative officer Jennifer Keating-Hubley said the region must appoint two representatives for three-year terms on the board of directors.
“Marie has reoffered her position for a third term. She does appreciate the work that’s done on the board, and it’s good to have that consistency as well when our representatives reoffer,” she added.
Keating-Hubley said the Western Regional Housing Authority Board represents various community services.
Final approval for the appointment is through the minister’s office, she explained.
MacLeod said she was interested in hearing more about what the board is doing, and Keating-Hubley said she would check with the board to see if it has information to share with council.
Solid waste management
There was a recommendation that council approves the Region 6 Solid Waste Management proposed budget for the year 2018-2019.
Region 6 Solid Waste Management serves 13 municipal units, including the Region of Queens.
According to the budget highlights, municipal contributions in Queens County for the 2018-2019 fiscal year are projected to be $9,404.
The region’s share for the last fiscal year was $10,394; a decrease of $990.
The budget highlights also say the Region of Queens received $11,149 from this program last fiscal year.
Let’s talk
MacLeod heldd a ‘let’s talk together’ session at the Seaside Community Centre in Beach Meadows Jan. 22. She said about 15 people attended.
“It was my second session with my constituents,” she said. “I had another session back in May in the Brooklyn Community Hall.”
She said the session was informal, and residents had the opportunity to ask questions about who’s responsible for what in the Region of Queens. MacLeod said one of the main subjects discussed was litter.
She plans to have another meeting with her constituents in May.
If you go: The next regular council meeting is scheduled to take place at 9 a.m. Feb. 13.


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