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Help solve a mystery: Shelburne County resident finds old photos in antique store purchase


SHELBURNE- Jolanta Vermette visited an antique store in Yarmouth last summer, but got more than just an antique wash stand.

When she brought the item back to her Enslow Point home in Shelburne County, where she resides in the summer, she found an envelope filled with photos dating back to 1945. The pictures were hidden out of sight, jammed inside the cabinet between the drawer and wall.

Now Vermette is looking to find the rightful owners of the photos.

“It would be a shame to throw them away,” she said.  “Someone would be happy to retrieve these photos.”

The stamp on the envelope says Oct. 22, 1945 and is addressed to Ken Everett, Saint John, Dry Dock East Saint John, NB.


Since she’s taken to social media to find the family, she has received many helpful tips and connected with one family from Calgary that think they might know one of the people in the photos.

“Maybe they are connected,” she said. “They are looking.”

In the meantime, Vermette will continue looking, too, in hopes of finding the rightful owners.

Do you recognize these people?

“We don’t know where the people are but we are just going to be patient,” she said.

Contact Vermette at if you have any information.

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