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Property filled with ‘offensive materials designed to potentially frighten, threaten, intimidate’ neighbour

The property at civic number 4473 Highway 210 in 2014.
The property at civic number 4473 Highway 210 in 2014. - Google

The Regions of Queens Municipality has ruled that a property in Buckfield is dangerous and unsightly.

At the Nov. 28 meeting, council voted unanimously that 4473 Highway 210 will need to be cleaned up.

Coun. Raymond Fiske, who represents of District 6, read the report, which says the property “contains an accumulation of inflammable material, being dried brush, which creates a possible hazard to the safety of the public.”

The report also says that the property is unsightly and contains “a unified collection of offensive materials designed to potentially frighten, threaten, intimidate the adjacent neighbour and which potentially depreciates the value of the property.”

There was a recommendation that council declare the property as dangerous and unsightly as defined in the Municipal Government Act of Nova Scotia.

Further, the report recommended that council issue an order to be served upon the owner of the property requiring that, within seven days of receipt, the following work be carried out:

• Immediate removal of dry brush/dead coniferous trees

• Immediate removal of offensive text, graphic signage, and strips of cloth hanging from the structures upon the property.

The report recommended that, “if the owner fails to comply with the order, the administrator may cause the requirements of the Order to be carried out, and all expenses incurred by the Region of Queens Municipality will become the responsibility of the owner.”

Kelley-Anne Hurley, by-law enforcement officer, said this is the second time the region’s by-law enforcement department, supported by council, has addressed a “dangerous and unsightly condition” at the property.

“The first formal order to remedy the dangerous condition was issued on Sept. 15, 2016, after a decision by the Region of Queens council to remedy the dangerous and unsightly condition on Tuesday, Sep. 13,” said Hurley.

“Upon receiving several formal complaints, on Oct. 18, 2017 at 14:16 hours, the writer issued a Region of Queens formal order, order to comply, in person and assisted by the RCMP with the very same recommendation as noted in today’s report.”

Hurley said the property owner wasn’t available for comment, but did confirm receipt of the letter.

“As the writer received a telephone call from Ms. Sale on Monday, Oct. 23, advising that she would not be complying with the Region of Queens’ recommendations to remedy the condition. She requested to be heard by council,” said Hurley.

Barry Van Norden, who lives adjacent to the 4473 Highway 210 property, spoke during the public comments time.

Nina Sale, the assessed owner, spoke after the report was read.

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