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‘One of the more successful years’

The board reports the Astor Theatre had a good year at its annual general meeting Dec. 4.
The board reports the Astor Theatre had a good year at its annual general meeting Dec. 4. - Aethne Hinchliffe

Astor Theatre keeps busy in 2017-2018 with renovations, performances

LIVERPOOL - Plenty is happening at the Astor Theatre.
“The past year was one of the more successful years in spite of being extremely busy with renovations,” wrote Mike Boudreau, past chairman, in an email interview.
The Astor Theatre board held its annual general meeting at the Town Hall Arts and Cultural Centre in Liverpool in early December. Boudreau said the Astor has accomplished a lot recently but hopes to do even more in the future.
In March, the theatre was closed so new seats could be installed. Other work included the sanding, staining and refinishing of the theatre floor. There were new carpet runners installed and new LED floor strip lighting on the aisles. Additionally, the balcony was redone and the stage floor was replaced.
Boudreau said performers’ changing areas got new sub floors and carpet. During the summer, the Region of Queens Municipality re-shingled the entire roof, he added.
“In short, this theatre has undergone a remarkable renovation and updating,” said Boudreau.
The past chairman said people in Queens County and on the South Shore have been very supportive. Additionally, the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency and the province supported the “overdue and much needed renovation.”
Last summer, the Astor Theatre began to play afternoon movies on Mondays and Wednesdays. Boudreau said the afternoon film showings were added to address a request by seniors in the community. Things were slow at first, with only 15 to 20 attendees, but it’s grown and there are now between 40 and 70 people attending the movies.
“While this started for seniors, we are delighted that it is being attended by people of all ages,” Boudreau said.
As far as future plans are concerned, the board is hoping to expand the stage by moving the back outer wall another five to six feet toward the parking lot.
“We would like to complete the project in late 2018 or early 2019, depending upon the Astor schedule of future events – in other words, we will work around the Astor’s schedule,” said Boudreau.

Did you know?
The recommended slate of officers for 2017-2018 is:
Kristopher Snarby (chairman)
Rick Gilbert (vice-chairman)
Carla Powell (secretary)
Colleen Wolfe (treasurer)
Mike Boudreau (past chairman)
Craig Harding, new (director)
Barb Snarby (director)
Harold McGee (director)
Susan Letson (director)
Ron L’Esperance, new (director)


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