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Left turns a common factor in collisions involving pedestrians in Kentville

Pedestrians cross Webster Street in downtown Kentville June 12.
Pedestrians cross Webster Street in downtown Kentville June 12. - Ashley Thompson

KENTVILLE – Left turns on busy one-way streets call for added caution on the part of pedestrians and motorists like.

Kentville Police Service members have responded to six motor vehicle collisions involving pedestrians within the last year, said Chief of Police Julia Cecchetto in a recent interview.

“It’s six calls in probably about eight months, so nothing alarming at this point,” she said.

“Most of them appear to be left turns.”

Four of the collisions occurred at various locations on Webster Street, one happened at the bottom of Chester Avenue and one occurred in the parking lot of a business at the far end of town, Cecchetto said.

“It appears to be mostly driver inattention. It’s just making sure when you do that left turn, which legally you can do, you just ensure that there isn’t somebody in the crosswalk.”

Two of the incidents unfolded near the well-travelled intersection for Webster and Cornwallis Street. A separate incident involved a vehicle that was backing up.

“Three incidents required minor treatment at hospital,” said Cecchetto.

The police chief stressed that both motorists and pedestrians must exercise vigilance at crosswalks. She recommends pedestrians make eye contact with motorists to ensure their presence is noted prior to crossing a street.

“My advice to pedestrians is always be extra careful because you may be correct in the law in that you have the right to cross because you have the signal, but you’re still going to lose when a car hits you,” she said.

Plans are in place to have officers paying particular attention to enforcing speed limits and watching for proper helmet use at the skate park and throughout town, Cecchetto said.

“We do plan on increasing speed enforcement over the next little while.”

Verbal warnings regarding helmet use will be logged and followed by summary tickets when necessary, she added.

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