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Kings and Hants County Court Report: Sept. 14

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Custody and probation for sexual assault

A Falmouth man has been ordered to serve 14 days in custody and complete two years of probation for sexual assault.

David Gerald Matheson, 56, was sentenced on one charge of sexual assault in Kentville provincial court Sept. 12.

The charge stemmed back to an incident that occurred in Wolfville between January 2009 and July 15, 2016.

Matheson was before the court on 17 charges related to alleged sex offences, including several charges involving a person under the age of 16. He entered a guilty plea to a single count of sexual assault June 12, and the remaining charges were dropped on the day of sentencing with the Crown offering no evidence.

In addition to probation and spending 14 days in custody on an intermittent basis on weekends, Matheson must adhere to the conditions of an imposed DNA order and lifetime Sex Offender Information Registration Act (SOIRA) order.

Judge Ronda van der Hoek also imposed a 10-year 161 order outlining prohibitions around being in contact with persons under the age of 16 and a 10-year weapons prohibition.

Fines, bans for driving-related offences

- A Westville, Pictou County man is prohibited from operating a motor vehicle for one year following his day in court on an impaired charge.

William Karam Stephen Hoare, 19, was sentenced in Kentville provincial court Sept. 11.

Hoare was charged following an incident on March 18 in Wolfville.

In addition to the driving ban, Hoare was handed $1,300 in fines to pay.

- An Aylesford woman was recently handed a one-year driving ban for driving while her blood-alcohol readings exceeded the legal limit.

June Smith, 72, was sentenced in Kentville provincial court Sept. 11.

Smith was charged as a result of providing breath sample readings of 150/140 after being stopped in Kingston July 10.

She was handed the standard driving ban and fined $1,300.

- A Centreville man is banned from getting behind the wheel for one year.

Peter William Swetnam, 55, was sentenced in Kentville provincial court Sept. 11.

Swetnam was charged with impaired operation of a motor vehicle after providing breathalyzer readings of 110/100 following a stop in Avonport June 17.

He must adhere to the conditions of the standard driving ban imposed for impaired driving and pay $1,300 in fines.

Assault with a weapon

A Kingston man is on probation for the next 12 months following a conviction of assault with a weapon.

Adam Michael Crocker, 33, entered a guilty plea to one of three charges he was facing in Kentville provincial court Sept. 12.

Additional charges of possessing an unauthorized firearm and carrying a weapon for the purpose of committing an offence were dismissed.

Crocker was charged in relation to an incident that occurred in Greenwood April 14, 2017.

In addition to adhering to the conditions of his probation, Crocker must also obey a court-imposed firearms order that will remain in place for two years.

Biting leads to probation

A man has been sentenced and will pay fines after biting an RCMP officer in the line of duty.

Travis Lee Daniels, 39, of Greenfield, bit the arm of a police officer July 29, 2017 in Summerville while the officer was engaged with him regarding other matters.

Daniels was handed a six-month conditional sentence order, which includes a donation of $100 to the Canadian Cancer Society, followed by six months of probation.

Breach of probation, driving offence

A man has been found guilty and handed two fines after breaching his Halifax probation order and taking a car with intent to drive.

Dillon William Macumber, 24, pleaded guilty to a breach of probation and taking a car without its owner’s consent with the intent to drive, both of which occurred May 20 in Ardoise.

He was handed a total S390 in fines.

Drive with insurance - or else

Three people were recently fined thousands after being caught driving without liability policies.

Alexander Scott Graham, 45, of Harbourville, was pulled over Aug. 29 in Somerset, where he was caught driving without car insurance.

He was fined $2,422.50.

Cambridge resident Jenna Marie Hill-Copage, 25, was pulled over Apr. 28 while driving an uninsured vehicle. She was fined $1,272.50.

Andrew Milbury, 57, of Falmouth, was handed a fine in Auburn Aug. 27, 2017 after also having been found driving without insurance. He was also fined $1,272.50.

Discharged after drinking, driving

A Greenwood man has been handed a curative discharge – 30 months of probation and $100 in fines – after his Sept. 11, 2017 arrest in South Alton for driving while being over the legal alcohol limit.

Gary Donald Beck, 59, was immediately released from custody and is prohibited from driving for five years.

Beck also completed an addictions program, which concluded Beck will seek cortisone shots to manage his pain.

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