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Annapolis District RCMP have week of suspicious incidents, break-ins, and a UFO

Annapolis RCMP Crime Report looks at the weekly calls for service police answer.
Annapolis RCMP Crime Report looks at the weekly calls for service police answer. - Lawrence Powell

BRIDGETOWN, NS - A week of suspicious incidents, hang up 911 calls, disturbances and break-and-enters kept Annapolis County RCMP busy this week.

Annapolis County RCMP are expressing their deepest condolences to everyone affected in Fredericton with the death of two officers and two civilians. When a police officer is killed on duty, it is not an agency that loses an officer, it is an entire country. Remember to honour their service and remember their sacrifice.

August 6

In Wilmot, a homeowner came out to find his trailer stolen. The trailer was new and not yet registered and stolen from the used car lot. RCMP are still investigating and requesting anyone with any information on the whereabouts of this trailer to contact the RCMP.

RCMP attended Brickton in response to a car vs bear collision. There was minor damage to the caller’s vehicle but she was unsure if the bear survived as she could not see it. RCMP made a patrol and contacted the caller with the news that the bear succumbed to his injuries.

A break and enter was reported at a pub in Bridgetown. Suspects smashed the window to gain access. Approximately $200 in cash was taken but most importantly, all alcohol remained.

RCMP members responded to a disturbance in Middleton. Dogs could be heard loudly barking. Upon arrival, RCMP spoke to the dog’s owner and the owner explained why his dogs were barking. A man was walking up the road and barking at the dogs, in an apparent effort to have a conversation with his dogs. The owner asked the RCMP officer “Well, what kind of dog doesn’t bark?” The RCMP officer was quick to reply, “A HUSH PUPPY!”

A racing vehicle on Church Street in Bridgetown was made. It’s an ongoing problem. RCMP did respond but the vehicles were gone upon arrival. The vehicles are described as a two-door cobalt and four-door Volkswagen. Anyone with any information on these vehicles is asked to contact the Annapolis RCMP.

A call of vandalism lead an RCMP officer to Cornwallis Park. The caller stated that a corporate tent he bought and set up was vandalized. He showed the officers how the poles were taken down and placed on the side of tent as well as the chairs turned upside down. There was actually no damage. It appears the suspect only wanted to help with the dissembling of the tent.

RCMP are baffled at why people driving off road vehicles do not understand what OFF ROAD means. Dirt bikes, ATVs, and snowmobiles are not allowed to be on main roads. They are meant for trails! There are ongoing complaints in Middleton and Bridgetown.

August 8

In Bridgetown, RCMP were called to a complaint of mischief. The caller stated that someone was putting garbage bags with her garbage. The problem is, the suspect does not know how to sort it properly and Valley Waste will not pick it up and the caller was being left with the unsorted garbage.

A driver received a ticket of $352.50 for failing to slow to 60 kilometres an hour or to the posted speed limit, whichever is lower when driving past a stopped emergency vehicle. An RCMP officer was stopped on Highway 101 by Lequille, in the execution of his duties, when a vehicle flew passed him so close he could feel the wind from the vehicle. The RCMP is reminding the public that you are required to slow down or vacate the lane closest to the stationary vehicle.

August 9

Middleton RCMP responded to a fire alarm going off in a building. The caller also stated the hallways seemed smoky. Fire responded as well. There was no fire and no smoke. The fire department suspected there may be a malfunction in the alarm due to the humidity.

August 10

Hang up 911 calls from a payphone at Upper Clements Park required the RCMP to make patrols. There are ongoing issues with kids playing with the phone. The RCMP is not sure what the thrill is for kids to play with pay phones as most are carrying $1000 iPhone -- which are a tad more exciting! A reminder to the public -- false 911 calls will result in a $697.50 fine for the first offence.

The Bridgetown Legion wasn’t as lucky at their break-in as the pub was. The alarm did go off at 6:45a.m. but suspects were gone upon arrival. Several bottles and cans of beer were taken from the fridge.

RCMP received another complaint of a Kijiji fraud! The complainant was selling a loom for $950. The buyer sent her a cheque for $2,980. He requested she deposit it in her account and return $2030 to him. She had a cheque made out for the buyer and emailed it to him. After she sent the cheque, she started to think this may be a scam. RCMP advised her to contact her bank immediately. The RCMP reminds the public that anyone who sends you a large amount of money for an item that is a quarter of the cost, it is probably a fraud.

A caller from Lawrencetown reported that she could see lights on at Lunn’s Mill. Patrols were made by the RCMP. The lights were on but nobody was home! There was no break-in or damage.

August 11

A trailer that had been sitting on the side of the highway for a week was towed. RCMP noted that there was no plate and it did not have a valid inspection sticker so police contacted a local tow company to have it removed. For sure, there is an unhappy camper somewhere.

RCMP responded to a fight at a Granville Ferry campground. Upon arrival members dealt with a very intoxicated and belligerent male. The owner of the campground did not want him there anymore. The intoxicated male stated he tried to find a hotel but there wasn’t any available. The RCMP told the intoxicated male they knew of one special hotel that had a room available, would provide food and water, and was FREE! The man was ecstatic until he arrived at his destination with the RCMP and realized their hotel was jail! He was lodged in cells for the night.

Road rage issue in Middleton caused a citizen to run right to the Middleton RCMP office. He bumped another vehicle in the Tim Horton’s parking lot (no damage) and was faced with a very unhappy owner of the vehicle. The investigation is ongoing.

A complaint of mischief was received from a resident in Mosher’s Corner. He said he noticed a lug nut missing from his wheel and felt someone had taken it off. He explained the previous night around 1:59 a.m. he heard cars go down the road but when he looked out, there was only a porcupine. The RCMP is requesting the porcupine come forward with any information as he may be a vital witness to this incident.

A UFO sightings in Springfield! RCMP attended and found the UFO. There was no UFO. It was a drone that a resident was using to fly over the lake. RCMP are reminding the public that following the safety rules helps keep people, aircraft, and property safe. If you fly where you are not allowed or you break the rules you could be fined up to $3,000. Please refer to Transport Canada website at:

August 12

A Middleton landlord arrived at one of his apartments and was greeted by one of his tenants – and claims the tenant assaulted him. The landlord was there to serve papers under the Landlord Tennant Act, apparently not something his tenant wanted. The tenant was arrested and will appear in court in October.

**RCMP are requesting if anyone has any info on the recent break and enters in the Bridgetown area, to contact the Bridgetown RCMP at 902-665-4481

This weekly report is compiled by Const. Cheryl Ponee of the Annapolis District RCMP. Crimes, or information on crimes, can be reported to the Annapolis RCMP at 825-2000 in Middleton, or 665-4481 in Bridgetown. Information on crimes can also be reported to Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

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