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Adopt a book and help the Western Counties Regional Library

Joanna Jarvis hopes the Adopt a Book campaign will land some new books at the Digby library.
Joanna Jarvis hopes the Adopt a Book campaign will land some new books at the Digby library. - Amanda Doucette

DIGBY, NS- Every two years the Western Counties Regional Library host a three-month long event called Adopt a Book.

The goal of the campaign is to get 1000 new books into the region, dividing the books up into individual libraries.

“It’s a great way to get more people into the libraries and its helping us out too,” said Regional Library Director Erin Comeau.

The campaign operates by the region buying the books, then individual people or businesses can donate the price tag of the book, or a larger donation for multiple books.

The region decides which books would be the best fit for each branch.

“We want to make sure we have a balanced selection of books, based off what people are reading in each library.”

The Adopt a Book campaign runs from April 3-June 30. 

Each year the goal is 1000 books, estimating close to $30,000. The last campaign was in 2016 and the goal was passed with a total of 1430 books bought, estimating at $35,000 in total.

“We’re so thankful that in the last few years the communities have really rallied for our libraries,” she said.

In the last five campaigns, the region has met or exceeded the set goal of 1000 books.

Joanna Jarvis, the Senior Library Clerk in Digby hopes the campaign is just as successful this year as in years past.

“We like to keep the collection updated, it keeps readers interested. With a new variety of books, it sends more traffic to the library and keeps us busy,” she said.

Jarvis loves seeing new books in the library.

“We try and get books our readers are interested in. If someone says I want to see this book in the library, we try and get it for them.”

Each library is kicking off the Adopt a Book campaign with their own fundraiser, where funds will be donated directly back to the campaign.

Digby is hosting a silent auction and looking for donations for the auction. It will run from April to June. Donations of new or gently used items can be dropped off to the Digby Library, but they are not looking for books.

In Yarmouth, the library is hosting a day of mini-putt throughout the library on April 3, from 12:00-4:00.

There is a quilt auction throughout all 10 library branches. The quilt is located in Shelburne and was made by Joanne Head. Tickets can be bought at any library branch.

All library branches will have a launch party on April 3, with cake or baked goods. Inquire at your local library for more information about the launch or their other local fundraisers. 

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