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A look back at the top stories of 2017 in Kings and Hants counties

It was a busy year for news in Kings and Hants counties. Here’s a look at some of the most-read stories on our websites.


Top stories of 2017 in Kings County

  1. Kentville Police confirm body pulled from river — In the top spot for Kings was police and firefighting activity near Kentville’s Cornwallis River. Although police remained mum at the scene, they confirmed the following day that remains were retrieved from the river. More than 45,600 people read the initial story and the follow-up confirmation on Oct. 11, 2017.

  2. Video of Kings County woman skating through flooded woods goes viral — When Jessica Spinney went skating through a wooded area of South Berwick, she had no idea the video she made would be seen around the globe. In total, 14,975 people read the story on Jan. 19, 2017.

  3. Traffic detoured around Exit 9 as lifeflight called to Highway 1 — This story from Hants County also drew attention from Kings County residents. A total of 14,875 readers checked out the story on July 17, 2017.

  4. RCMP seeking missing Berwick teenager — When someone needs help, Kings County residents respond, which included helping police find a missing person on Sept. 19, 2017. A total of 11,913 people read a story about a missing teen.

  5. Kentville man charged with producing meth — This story, from March 11, 2017, had a total of 11,095 readers.

  6. Roof collapses at NSLC in Wolfville — Firefighters and emergency responders were called when the roof suddenly collapsed on the Wolfville NSLC story June 26, 2017. Luckily, staff heard a rumbling before the ceiling caved in and were able to get out without being hurt. A total of 11,092 people read the story.

  7. Lifeflight flies injured to hospital after head-on collision — This crash, which closed the highway near New Minas on Dec. 15, left one person in critical condition. A total of 10,757 people read this story.

  8. Acadia hockey player taking nothing for granted after OT heart attack — Brendan Childerley started to feel ill during an intermission that followed the first overtime period of Acadia’s Feb. 23 semifinal game against the Antigonish-based St. FX team. He was rushed to a medical room and treated for cardiac arrest, resuscitated with the use of a defibrillator and CPR, and later transferred to a Halifax hospital for surgery to clear a blocked artery. There were 9,957 readers who checked out this story.

  9. Crash closes Highway 101 near Berwick — This Aug. 22, 2017 story about a two-vehicle collision on Highway 101 drew 9,342 readers.

  10. Unique Valley Vixen store opens in Wolfville — The top business story of the year is about a unique, sex-positive bookstore and toy shop that opened in Wolfville April 29, 2017. The couple who are the operators, Max and Tessa Janes, raised more than $12,000 with a GoFundMe page to set up the store on Elm Avenue. There were 9,302 readers of this story.


The top stories in the year on include:

  1. ‘It’s not a home invasion, it’s a sinkhole’ — This story from Sept. 3 drew 34,266 readers to learn about the plight of a Falmouth family whose home was swallowed by a sinkhole.

  2. One confirmed dead in South Rawdon fire — A woman died in a fire on April 3, 2017, but her children were OK. A man was later charged in her death. A total of 20,074 people read this story.

  3. Falmouth’s Bog Road closed to traffic following fatal early-morning crash — Firefighters were called to the scene shortly after 1 a.m. and found a car on its side, blocking the bridge connecting Hantsport and Falmouth. The engine was on fire and one man, a passenger, was killed. Two female passengers were ejected but their injuries were not life-threatening. The driver had fled the scene and was later charged. A total of 16,587 people read this story from June 22, 2017.

  4. Hants County doctor reprimanded following investigation — Isabel Palmeter filed a grievance as the result of her care — or lack thereof — at the Hants Community Hospital in 2015 after she was misdiagnosed and nearly went into septic shock. A total of 11,874 people read this story.

  5. Twenty-seven-year-old woman identified as victim of South Rawdon fire — This follow up story to the fatal fire on April 3 drew 11,727 readers.

  6. Stunning pictures inside historic mansion for sale in Newport — Early in the year, people from across Canada clicked on a story about the old Mounce mansion for sale in Newport for half a million dollars. This Feb. 9, 2017 story drew 11,679 readers, while a related story drew an additional 9,439.

  7. Missing Middle Sackville woman found deceased in Upper Falmouth — This sad story, from July 2017, had 11,450 people reading a story about a missing woman who was found deceased in West Hants.

  8. RCMP requesting assistance to locate missing Windsor woman — When the police ask for help, West Hants delivers. This story about a missing woman drew 9,724 readers.

  9. RCMP investigating Ashdale Road fatality — Just before midnight on March 3, a passing motorist notified police of a truck in the ditch on Ashdale Road. The driver and only occupant, from Centre Rawdon, was found deceased. A total of 8,978 people read this story.

  10. Windsor high school student trapped under car airlifted to Halifax — A 17-year-old boy was injured in the school parking lot after he became trapped under the front of a vehicle April 4. A total of 8,599 people read this story.



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