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King's-Edgehill School graduates receive $1 million-plus in scholarships

Emotional day as students bid farewell to school

WINDSOR, N.S. — King's-Edgehill School students had picture-perfect weather for both their prom and graduation ceremonies this month.

The private school, located in Windsor, saw more than 80 students graduate from Grade 12 on June 16, with students coming from all over the world.

The morning started with a church service for Grade 12 students and their parents.

The prize giving day then commenced, with Nicola du Toit, a Grade 11 student, piping in the academic procession; O Canada being sung by Grade 11 student Joanna Bond with Grade 8 student Will Ahern providing piano accompaniment.

Students in Grades 7-11 received individual recognition on passing the year, and were presented with various pins, ties and awards.

The Grade 12 class then took the spotlight.

“It was a bit emotional. It hadn't quite set in yet,” said Meredith Chambers, who hails from Falmouth.

Chambers was the head girl for 2018 and, along with head boy Arturo Ramirez, provided the valedictorian address during the ceremony.

“It is quite different at our school because there are a lot of people that are international that you might never see again. You make friends from all over the world,” said Chambers.

Thanks to technology being the way it is, she hopes those friendships will be long-lasting.

Graduates received more than $1 million in available university and college scholarships from post-secondary institutes located across Canada and beyond.

Chambers is headed to McGill University in the fall to pursue nursing. She said students entering Grade 12 in the fall should keep an open mind when selecting courses and extra-curricular activities.

“Keep your options open because it's a very formative time and the decisions that you make are important,” said Chambers in a phone interview.

“I know a lot of people change their minds throughout the year and that's OK,” she continued.

“Just do what you're interested in and what you can see yourself doing and not just following friends.”

Nick Cheverie and Julia Strickey were named the 2018-2019 head boy and head girl.

Top award winners during the year end ceremony

• 1st Place with the Highest Average in Grade 7 — Sean Hurley

• 1st Place with the Highest Average in Grade 8 — Hannah Bryant

• Proficiency Prize Grade 9 — Lily Gale

• Lt. Governor's Medals, Grade 11 students who have performed well academically, and who have provided the most effective leadership — Tea Racozzi and Luis Espinosa

• Old Girls’ Gold Ring, awarded to the girl who has the highest average in Grade 11 and who has attended the school for Grades 10 and 11 — Sophie Fraser

• Old Boys’ Gold Ring, awarded to the boy who has the highest average in Grade 11 and who has attended the school for Grades 10 and 11 — Jacob Hunt

• The Brandon Smith Scholarship, awarded to a student who thinks beyond themselves — Julia Strickey

• The (King's) Debating Gavel, initially created in 1975, is presented to the most valued member of the debating society — Riley Coe

• Donald Morris Debating Prize, a silver tray stays at the school while a silver ring is presented to the recipient — Liam Bonner

• Rensselaer Medal, awarded for outstanding academic achievement in the study of mathematics and science — Venus Hong

• Ferrabee Medal, awarded to the student with the highest academic average in the Senior School (Grade 10, 11, or 12) — Ella Brown

• The Governor General's Academic Medal, established in 1873, recognizes students who have achieved the highest academic average, to be presented on behalf of the Governor General of Canada — Denny Du

• Huston Prize, awarded to the girl who exemplifies the highest qualities of character and personality — Ella Jollymore

• The Fideliter Prize, awarded by the Old Girls to a girl of outstanding qualities chosen by the girls with the approval of the staff — Meredith Chambers

• The Gold Star, awarded to a lifer, someone who has been in the school from Grades 7-12 — Korolos Sawires

• Queen Elizabeth II Medal — awarded to a Grade 12 student who demonstrated superior academic achievement in Grades 10, 11, and 12 and maintained an outstanding record in school and community involvement — Korolos Sawires

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