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Greenfield Elementary School seeking parent volunteers

The Parents of Wickwire committee is looking for more people to step up to volunteer to keep programs running at the school says chair, Terri Faber.
The Dr. John C. Wickwire Academy in Liverpool, a student body of 400, has the highest need for volunteers at Christmas and the spring when they hold their Spring Fiesta.
“We were unable to put together a Fiesta last year due to time constraints and lack of volunteers to pull it together,” explains Faber. The parent committee did organize a successful movie night in its place, but they would like to offer more to the families in the community in the future. And, for this to happen, they need more volunteers. As it stands, Faber says the Spring Fiesta is not currently a possibility with the few people they have attending meetings and who are able to volunteer.
Faber says they understand how busy families are and that many have one or two working caregivers and it is hard fitting in extra activities.
“Many parents are also involved in many other avenues for volunteering such as sports, clubs and other activity groups in the area,” she says. “We have a very dedicated population of volunteers in the community, people just have a lot on their schedules.”
Often parents and caregivers are hesitant about volunteering because of they are unable to commit long term. There are, however, lots of one-off volunteer opportunities, says Faber.
For example, the school is currently in the midst of its annual dinner that is provided for the students and staff of the school. There are many volunteers coming in to help with serving over the two days of providing lunches, she says.
“Even if people wanted to add their names to a list of potential event helpers and not attend regular meetings, that would be welcome,” says Faber.
Would-be volunteers can contact Terri Faber at 902-803-0230. Police checks are not required for public events. The school and school board need them for those working directly with children.
All money raised by helping with the Parents of Wickwire committee goes directly back into the school to support our children.


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