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Yarmouth County youths dig in to share the love

Youth pastors challenge youth to serve community and share love of Jesus

YARMOUTH -  In a snowstorm of flying shovels, youths from the Yarmouth Wesleyan Church made quick work of clearing snow-choked driveways for others on Jan. 2.

Youth pastors Alex Decker, and Aaron Doucette organized the outing.

Decker says there was no set plan on where to go.

“We just knew that shovelling is hard, especially for some older folks that have to get out there with heavy snow,” he said. That morning they sent texts and messages out to some youth group students, asking them to meet at the church van and to bring a shovel.

“We’re going to go bless people,” was the message. 

At least 20 students showed up. They piled into the van and drove down road after road.  Whenever they saw a road that had several driveways that needed shovelling, they pulled over.

“We just went crazy. When you get that many students you can tackle quite a few driveways pretty quickly,” laughed Decker.

He added that he would prefer for people not to recognize the Yarmouth Wesleyan Youth Group members as performing the good deed, but for Jesus to be recognized.

“That was our goal, to get Jesus out there,” he said.

“We (he and Doucette) both have a huge heart to share the love of Jesus and to challenge youth around the community what that means and looks like. It’s not always about going to church, it’s about going out and loving the community, sharing the love of Jesus with others in whatever way, shape or form we can.”

Over the past year the pastors have held weekly youth groups at the church, with an average of 130 students attending weekly. The evenings involve worship and a message, games and snacks. The youths are divided into smaller groups for examining scripture in greater depth, then challenged to better themselves.

“That’s where we get most students in the serving projects. We try to think of different ways to serve,” said Decker.

Last September, the youth pastors organized a two-day south shore rally for youths from grades 6 to 12.

“It was a huge event,” said Decker. There was a guest speaker, the youth band performed, and groups of 10-15 youths went out into the community to see how they could serve. Some youths painted the outside of Juniper House and others pulled weeds at nursing homes, in addition to other work.

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