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‘Promote healthy eating in any way that I can’

Hayley Ewing is the Liverpool Superstore's in-store dietitian. She offers a number of services relating to healthy eating.
Hayley Ewing is the Liverpool Superstore's in-store dietitian. She offers a number of services relating to healthy eating. - Aethne Hinchliffe

Meet the Liverpool Superstore’s in-store dietitian

LIVERPOOL – As an in-store dietitian for the Superstore in Queens and Lunenburg counties, Hayley Ewing’s job is diverse. 

“My role is basically to promote healthy eating in any way that I can,” said Ewing. 

She also aims to promote healthy lifestyles in general, so with that comes encouraging people to be active.

To encourage people to eat well, Ewing does food demonstrations at her booth at the front of the store. The demonstrations involve sharing samples of healthy food and snacks and showing people what to do with certain foods. 

Ewing teaches people about label reading at any opportunity she can. She says some people have trouble understanding how to read labels, which can make shopping for healthy food challenging. 

One of the ways Ewing helps people with label reading is by going through the store with them. She says she helps them based on their individual goals or what they want to know. Someone might be having trouble deciding what the healthiest cereal option is, for example, and Ewing can help with that. 

Group sessions

Ewing says she’s been doing a lot of group sessions lately because there’s been an increase in the number of people of attending. 

“I’ve just recently started a Facebook page, which has been really helpful for getting the word out,” she said. 

A lot of times, group sessions will be about chronic-disease management because of the number of people who have chronic illnesses such as diabetes or high blood pressure. 

“This month, I’m doing the mindful eating group session, so that one can be really for anybody,” said Ewing. 

Mindful eating can be a good tool for people to have, so she’s hoping for a good turnout. 

“I also do some stuff in the community, so I’ll try to get out in the community probably once a month,” said Ewing. 

This might involve doing a presentation for a group like TOPS, a weight-loss support group. Ewing also attends health fairs to teach people about the dietitian services and provide tips about healthy eating. Schools are another place Ewing might go in the community. 

Entering the field

Ewing started her job as in-store dietitian in September 2016, but she’d been working for the Superstore since high school and continued through university. 

At Dalhousie University, Ewing began by studying science. She later switched to nutrition at Mount Saint Vincent University.

Ewing is at Liverpool’s Superstore twice a week, and her hours vary. If people want to know when Ewing will be in the store, they can find calendars at her booth. Those calendars include dates and times. The next free nutritional workshop, Mindful Eating, is set to take place at 6 p.m. April 18. Ewing is planning to have another group workshop in May about plant-based eating. 

To learn about personalized and group nutrition services, visit To find out what Hayley Ewing is offering, visit her Facebook page at

Did you know?

• Healthy eating doesn’t have to be more expensive.

• Healthy eating doesn’t have to be time-consuming.

• Healthy eating doesn’t have to involve low-carbohydrate or low-fat diets.

• Healthy eating doesn’t require going gluten-free.  

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