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North Pole trouble brewing at King's Theatre in Annapolis Royal

In a scene from Dear Santa, Lou Flapdoodle (Simon Bonnington), a sleazy sleigh salesman, shows Santa Claus (Miles Leahy) a brochure for a new ‘rocket-powered’ sleigh.
In a scene from Dear Santa, Lou Flapdoodle (Simon Bonnington), a sleazy sleigh salesman, shows Santa Claus (Miles Leahy) a brochure for a new ‘rocket-powered’ sleigh. - Contributed

Dear Santa on stage Dec. 1 to 3

ANNAPOLIS ROYAL - It’s like Murphy’s Law at the North Pole where everything that could go wrong does go wrong in the days leading up to Christmas Eve. Not helping matters is a stowaway from Annapolis Royal showing up and the antics of a sleazy sleigh salesman.

It all happens when the Annapolis District Drama Group presents Norm Foster’s Dear Santa on Dec. 1, 2 and 3, at King’s Theatre in Annapolis Royal.

Wayne Currie, no stranger to King’s Theatre, directs the festive Foster play. Currie has been involved in the Drama Group and with King's Shorts for many years as an actor, a writer, and a director. Jane DeWolfe will be stage managing and Brian Dickinson will be the music director. Both are long-time stalwarts with the Drama Group.

Insider reports from rehearsals describe the enthusiasm as amazing and the cast is working (and laughing) incredibly hard to provide quality Christmas cheer to the community.

Trouble is brewing at the North Pole this year as Santa has to deal with a stowaway on the North Pole Special supply train, and a workshop faced with a shortage of glue, required to build the Christmas Toys.

Strained relationships within Santa’s staff, mischievous elves, and a sleazy sleigh salesman add to the confusing mix. Santa and his dedicated workers, however, do their best to make sure that Christmas Day will once again be the magical occasion that children of all ages dream about. This is a story that is filled with fun, laughter, music, heartache, and good old-fashioned Christmas spirit.

After stowing away on the supply train to the North Pole, a young girl from Annapolis Royal, Kit Bishop (Nina Habinski), shows up to confront Santa (Miles Leahy) with a letter from her younger sister Michel (Lily Habinski). She is found and taken to Santa by Santa's Russian maintenance man, Bozidar (Sam Cooper). Santa's Chief of Staff, Algernon (Brian Rice), is incensed and wants to send her home immediately.

Meanwhile, Santa's housekeeper, Octavia (Eloise Mailman), struggles in her ditzy and inept way to keep things at the Pole neat and tidy, while concealing her admiration for Algernon. At the same time, a sleazy sleigh salesman, Lou Flapdoodle (Simon Bonnington) contributes to the chaos by trying to sell a new, modern rocket-powered sleigh to our jolly hero.

Add to all of that a mix of seven hyper-active and interfering elves (Karen Tomasino, Colleen Rowland, Donnie Carter, Alex Hancock, Linda Hulme Leahy, Haley Beatty, and Rachael Cheechoo) and a visit to the Pole by Kit's mother (Shelley Habinski) and it promises to be an extremely entertaining performance.


The play is scheduled Friday and Saturday, Dec. 1 and 2 at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday, Dec. 3 at 2 p.m. Tickets are available at King’s Theatre in advance for $14 and at the door for $16. Youth and student tickets are available any time for $8 and children six and under for $5. For information call 902-532-7704 or visit the Kings Theatre website at

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