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Art galleries in Bear River and Annapolis accepting submissions for 2019

Artwork of Flora Doehler is shown on display. PHOTO COURTESY OF DAN FROESE
Artwork of Flora Doehler is shown on display. PHOTO COURTESY OF DAN FROESE

Artists from different mediums are encouraged to submit applications

BEAR RIVER, N.S. - The Sissiboo Coffee Bar and Gallery is accepting artist exhibit proposals for 2019 showings at cafes located in Bear River and Annapolis Royal.

Artists from Southwest Nova Scotia are invited to submit proposals until the May 15, 2018 deadline. A committee of local artists and owners from Sissiboo Coffee will select the artwork to be shown for the following year.

Erin Welch is the co-owner of both Sissiboo Coffee Roaster locations along with her husband John Welch. The art gallery opened at the Bear River location in May of 2016 and just last September, the Welch’s added a display in Annapolis Royal.

Erin Welch said the feedback from both the artists and community has been excellent since the gallery launch.  

“It was a very strong show in Bear River right off the bat,” she said. “It was Bear River artist Flora Doehler who had done a really great series of musicians, mostly local musicians…They were all local faces that she had done a portrait series on so that was excellent. On the other wall was an abstract series by Wayne Boucher from Annapolis.

“So it was just exquisite, a wonderful first show and it really set the bar high.”

Artwork is featured at the art galleries for six weeks and then a new artist is on display.

Artists have an opportunity to sell their artwork at the galleries with Sissiboo Coffee Roaster collecting 30 per cent of each sale. Welch said the venue has proven to be a good place for artists to sell their wares.

“In a year-and-a-half, I think there have only been two shows in Bear River where art was not purchased where we didn’t sell something for the artist,” she said. “So that’s also spoken really high to the local commitment to purchasing art and supporting the artist. It’s not just the comments we get about how beautiful the shows are…but there is a financial commitment towards supporting these types of ventures which is really cool.”

Submission must include 10 images and relevant information about the work such as title, medium and price. A biography and contact information is also required.

Welch said if someone works in a variety of mediums they can submit separate proposals.

“The gallery has a very high standard of expectation on the work but certainly we want these two locations to be a gallery of the people. There is such incredible talent in this area but a lot of that talent I think is often considered as a hobby or it’s not made by someone who is doing art fulltime as their career and their profession. We really want these galleries and coffee shops to be a place that is welcoming of art that might not otherwise be presented to a gallery for a show.”

Applications can be emailed to:

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