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Bikers, motorcycle enthusiasts converge on Kentville for Devil’s Half Acre rally


It was hard not to notice the abundance of motorcycles in the Valley this past weekend.

Bikers from across the province were present at the Devil’s Half Acre Motorcycle Rally in Kentville on June 15 and 16.

After parking their choppers along Webster Street, riders spent the weekend walking around and enjoying the weather and all the event had to offer.

Strolling along Webster Street, one could spot bikes of all sizes, styles, makes, and models. The festival gave everyone a chance to show off their prized possessions and admire bikes that they had never seen before.

New to the event, and a great success, were the Biker Games. The challenges were meant to display the skill and experience of the attendees, and onlookers were quite entertained by the assortment of events.

One of the most popular was the slow race, which, unlike a normal race, saw competitors try to reach the finish line after their opponents. The catch was that riders couldn’t let their feet touch the ground. As the heats went, racers got more creative with their strategies, one going as far as to reach over and shut off his opponent’s bike.

Centre Square was full of food trucks, bike accessories, custom detailing, and a mechanical bull. A stage was set up at the corner of Webster and Aberdeen.

On Saturday evening, there was a Parade of Lights and later, pyrotechnics. Sunday saw bikers ride along Highway 359, around to the Lookoff, and then back to Kentville. There was no shortage of entertainment.

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