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Support fair trade at Ten Thousand Villages festival sale in Kentville

Various items were on display and for sale during this year’s Ten Thousand Villages event at Beacon United Church in Yarmouth.
Eric Bourque photo
Ten Thousand Villages festival sales feature everything from musical instruments, pottery and jewellery to baskets, toys and hand-loomed textiles. Eric Bourque photo

Fair trade goods offer direct support to artisans in developing countries

KENTVILLE – An upcoming festival sale in Kentville will offer people the opportunity to browse unique gifts while supporting artisans in developing countries.

The Ten Thousand Villages Festival Sale will run Oct. 26 from noon to 8 p.m. and Oct. 27 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Kentville Fire Hall. The event is in its eleventh year and is organized by the Friends of Ten Thousand Villages-Annapolis Valley/Kentville.

It features handcrafted home and gift items – everything from musical instruments, pottery and jewelry to baskets, toys and hand-loomed textiles – made by artisans from 30 developing countries.

“By holding this sale, we’re giving customers in Kentville a chance to buy unique products while helping people in developing countries to meet basic needs for themselves and their family,” says sale organizer Kim O’Connor.

Each artisan is paid a fair wage, and receives it as soon as their goods are purchased in their respective countries. Their wage is determined by their cost of living and ability to keep up with costs like food, clothing, housing, children’s education and medical costs.

The organization works with 120 artisan groups, which include a total of nearly 20,000 artisans globally, and establishes long-term relationships with artisans like Luong Thi Huong, a 36-year-old Vietnamese woman who has worked with nonprofit ceramic workshop Mai Handicrafts for four years.

Her products and story will be among those available at the Kentville fair.

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