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SLIDESHOW: Oliver takes the stage in Windsor as Quick As A Wink Theatre hosts first play of 2019

WINDSOR, N.S. — Quick As A Wink Theatre took audiences on a journey to Victorian England, during a time when orphans were raised in brutal workhouses or left to survive on the streets.

Oliver, the Musical, was held Jan. 25-27 and Feb. 1-2 at King’s-Edgehill School and featured a talented cast, with many hailing from Hants and Kings counties.

The title role of Oliver was shared by two youths — Sawyer Brown and Isaiah Vallillee, of Wilmot. Rounding out the core cast was Jemita Buchanan (as Nancy), Francesca Cornetta (Dodger), David Foley (Bill Sikes), Wendy LaPierre (Widow Corney), Tim McFarland (Mr. Bumble), Kelly Richards (Mrs. Sowerberry), David Simpson (Fagin), Alan Slipp (Mr. Sowerberry and Mr. Brownlow), and Emma Strong (Bet).

A few dozen other actors, many children, took the stage to bring the musical to life.

Up next for Quick As A Wink Theatre is the March presentation of Baskerville. Following that is Legally Blond. Auditions for that show were held in January, with performances scheduled for late May or June. Auditions haven’t yet opened for Dracula, which will take the stage in October.

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