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New Minas 4-Her selected for World Dairy Expo in Wisconsin

Jennika Fuller is pictured standing alongside Janelle the cow. NICOLA IRVIN IMAGERY
Jennika Fuller is pictured standing alongside Janelle the cow. NICOLA IRVIN IMAGERY - Contributed

As “America’s Dairyland,” Wisconsin has made a name for itself with industry-leading facilities and delectable cheeses.

Farmers from across North America visit the U.S. state to learn how to better themselves in their practice. It also attracts the younger generation, those who are up-and-coming in the dairy industry, such as New Minas resident Jennika Fuller.

Fuller started in 4-H Canada six years ago after being influenced to join by the positive experiences the program had left on her father. He also helped spark her interested in dairy farming, and she began to learn about it in her second year at 4-H.

“There’s a lot of great skills you can learn through the 4-H program, such as public speaking, community service, and interpersonal skills,” says Fuller. “I like taking part in the livestock projects like dairy, rabbit, goat, poultry, and have gotten the chance to mentor the younger members in these fields. The benefits are second-to-none.”

Through 4-H Canada, Fuller and seven other Canadians will be travelling to Madison, Wisconsin for the 2019 World Dairy Expo to visit the industrious attractions and learn about the dairy trade.

4-H members from across Canada submitted a 500-word essay on the importance of youth leaders and youth involvement in the dairy industry and the most compelling were chosen.

While in Wisconsin, the young adults selected will be able to increase their network, meet valuable mentors, build on their knowledge, and engage in thought-provoking discussion with seasoned dairy farmers. The expo will run from October 1-5.

“I’m really looking forward to making connections in the dairy industry and (exploring) more ways I can become more involved in the industry. I myself am not a dairy farmer, so anyway I can get my foot in the door and learn more would be amazing.”

Though Fuller does not have set intentions on becoming a dairy farmer, the experiences she will gain on her trip will aid her in choosing a career path.

“I’m looking to go into a career in genetics, so maybe there would be some opportunity to explore that in the dairy industry. I’ll be looking into that when I get to Wisconsin.”

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