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Hants’ Faces Friday — Tyler Chandler

WINDSOR, N.S. — Tyler Chandler can often be found at the Locker Room gym in Windsor, where he works as a fitness technician. Always interested in sports, working at the gym has been a natural fit for him. 

Chandler said there’s usually a new group of members that sign up after New Year’s Day, and he tries to make sure they meet their fitness goals. 

“The Locker Room is the place you come to get healthy, stay fit, work on your New Year’s goals and to keep up your progress. Everyone has new goals and new dreams every year and it all comes together. Some want to get stronger, some want to get faster, some want to get bigger, some want to increase their flexibility. We show them how all of the machines work and have lots of group fitness classes upstairs. Our main thing is to work on the main goals each person has — and everyone has different goals, every single person.”

“My main focus is to make sure everyone’s working out alright, make sure everyone's safe; helping people out with their spotting, flexibility, and to train people... I keep an eye on the main floor to make sure no one gets hurt or nobody is pushing themselves too hard. It could be  hockey players, it could be body builders looking to compete or just people that just want to be healthy. I’ve been doing that here for 10 years now, a long time.” 

“I started getting interested in fitness at Avon View High School, working out at the small gym over there and then I came here once I graduated and they approached me on the floor, said someone has just left and they asked if I’d consider working here. At first I wasn’t sure, but it went by a bit and I thought ‘why not?’ right. It turned out to be an excellent job, excellent staff. I’ve always been into ball hockey, anything involved with sports, so giving into it was easier for me. I’ve been an all-round athletic person. It’s been a great 10 years. If I didn’t have that drive for it, I probably would have lost interest by now.”

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