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Avon View students host multiple sold-out performances of Rock of Ages

WINDSOR, N.S. — Avon View's largest musical production took to the stage May 3-5 and they recorded sold-out shows.

More than 50 staff and students had a hand in putting on Rock of Ages: High School Edition, a tale set in the late 1980s on the Sunset Strip of Los Angeles.

The musical featured back-to-back 80s hits while telling a love story between a wannabe rocker and hopeful actress, and a developer hellbent on changing the rock and roll landscape forever.

The show, directed by Donna MacMillan, starred Olivia Lee as Sherrie Christian, Reuben Gilbert as Drew Boley, Cole Foran as Stacee Jaxx, Jonah Innes as Lonny Barnett, Lauren McManus as Denise Dupree, Acadia Bunin as Anita Bath and Anika Mosher as Justice Charlier.

Also performing were Anna Engler (mayor), Isabelle Lebrasseur (Hilda Klineman), Alec Thomson (Franz Klineman), Briana Carver (Constance Sack), Laura George (Sherrie's mother), Dylan McKinney (Sherrie's father), Violet Steeves (Ja'keith Gill), Lana Dauphinee, Maisie Gilbert, and Kendalyn Benedict (Bourbon Room waitresses), Catie Dauphinee, Emma Freckleton and Lola Velden (Venus-A-Go-Go dancers), Kaghlen Roberts (Joey Primo), Ogen Newcombe (rocker), Sebastian Cahuasqui (bartender), James Gaultois (producer), Lucas Legere (sleazy record producer), Dakota Patterson (sleazier record producer), Hailie Joy Barton, Molly Brown, Jessica Carver and Olwyn Hughes (protesters), and Addy French, Ogen Newcombe and Dakota Patterson (riot police).

Countless others worked behind the scenes, or in the stage band, to make sure the production was a success.

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