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Yarmouth NSCC Burridge students experience future through interactive Discovery Zone

Presenters were chosen for their ability to ‘give ideas, support ideas or just inspire’

YARMOUTH - An Entrepreneurship Expo at NSCC Burridge on Nov. 16 provided attendees with inspiration, education and a tantalizing view of the future.

Keynote speaker Clark Sigfridson, owner of C2 Café x Clark, launched the event.

NSCC principal Mary Thompson says Sigfridson provided an inspirational presentation.

“He really talked about the whole idea of ‘it’s in you’, and ‘moxy’ and the fortitude that it takes to succeed,” she says.

Sigfridson was followed by Derek Fitzgerald with Deloitte, a company that helps address clients’ complex business challenges.

Fitzgerald invited students and instructors to experience the Discovery Zone, a fun and interactive demonstration that features artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, and wearables.  

The virtual reality volunteers provided lots of laughs for spectators as they groped, leaped and twisted their way through a computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional environment, while wearing a special electronic helmet and gloves fitted with sensors.

Thompson says expo organizers also brought in supporters of entrepreneurship who welcomed visitors to their booths for valuable connections.

“What we’ve tried to do is bring together a large group of people who can either give ideas, support ideas or just inspire,” she says.

A panel discussion with five entrepreneurs rounded out the day. The Entrepreneurs Expo was held the day before at the campus in Shelburne.

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