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Celebrating 90 years of memories


Popular Queens County tourism destination marks a milestone

WHITE POINT - Even though White Point Beach Resort’s annual polar bunny dip was cancelled Jan. 1 because of extremely cold temperatures, the 90th anniversary kicked off nonetheless.
“We may not have dipped into the ocean, but we dove into the 90th quite easily,” said Donna Hatt, marketing manager of White Point.
One guest decided to test the water by putting her toes in. After a quick test, the guest went back to the lodge and told Hatt she was pleased with White Point’s decision not to have the event.
“It was disappointing because our goal had been to reach 90 families – to achieve 90 families in honour of the 90th,” said Hatt.  
She said there were 114 families – a total of 140 people – who confirmed they would be at the polar bunny dip, named in honour of the bunnies that are one of White Point Beach Resort’s trademark symbols.
To kick off the resort’s anniversary, there were commemorative tank tops. A donation of $5 went to support Bird Studies Canada and its piping plover program. The original plan was to have polar bear dip participants where the tank tops into the ocean.
Hatt said more than 500 people had brunch at the resort New Year’s Day.
“So just because we didn’t do the dip didn’t mean that everything else didn’t happen,” she said.


Sable Island
“Our 90th is about connecting people to a sense of place and each other,” said Hatt.
One of the first events set to happen in the New Year is Salute to Sable Island: Connecting Canadians Jan. 20 and 21.
“Most Canadians will never step foot on the island,” said Hatt.
For the event, White Point is partnering with Zoe Lucas from Green Horse Society/Sable Island Institute.
“She’s the longest resident of Sable Island and lead researcher out there,” Hatt said.
Welcoming and opening remarks are set to take place at 1:30 p.m. Jan. 20. Throughout the weekend, there are a number of sessions about Sable Island scheduled.   

Full moons
“Each month, as the full moon arises, we’ll be having special events,” said Hatt.
One of those events is set to happen Jan. 31 to honour the blue moon and lunar eclipse. Guests will be invited to gather by a bonfire.

Film fest
As the calendar turns, DEVOUR! the Biosphere Food Film Fest is schedule to take place from Feb. 2-4
The event is a partnership with chef Michael Howell and Alan Crosby, White Point’s executive chef.

Scheduled to begin Jan. 6 were winter surf lessons. The lessons, which will be taught by East Coast Surf School, include a winter wetsuit, surfboard, dry-land orientation and a post-surf warm up in the pool.
Other lesson dates include Feb. 10, March 3, March 12, April 28 and May 5.

To learn more about what is planned at White Point in 2018, visit

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