Pushing the limits: Queens boxer in provincial tournament

Brittany W. Verge brittany.verge@theadvance.ca
Published on August 8, 2014

“Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” would definitely describe the tiny yet fast boxer, shadow boxing her way across the gym floor.

Sarah Plummer isn’t tall and she weighs only 120 pounds, making her all the faster.  She only got into boxing a year ago when she started taking classes for fitness.  Soon after, she saw her first competitive fight and knew she wanted to be up there in the ring.

“I watched one of the fight’s last year that Shaun put on in Liverpool,” says Plummer.  “I watched one fight card and I knew I wanted to join automatically.”

Plummer takes classes at the Seaside Boxing Club run by Shaun Roy.  She’s also working on opening her own pre-school. Plummer says that boxing became a stress reliever for her over the past year but that she’s also a very competitive person.

Plummer took part in her first competitive fight in April but lost “in decision.”  That means that the judges chose the winner through the point system because there were no stops during the fight. 


Now Plummer is getting ready for another fight set for Aug. 23 in Bridgewater.

“I can’t wait to get back in,” says Plummer.

The fight is a provincial affair with boxers coming in from across the Atlantic provinces.  Plummer is fighting for the title of Novice Champion. Novices are boxers with less than 10 fights under their belts.

Plummer says she was nervous her first fight but this time she’s just anxious to get back in the ring.

Roy doesn’t usually have his club open in the summer but he’s been helping Plummer train on a weekly and sometimes daily basis. 

“We’ve been in the gym four days a week for an hour and a half a night,” says Roy. “Everything is high intense.”

Each fight is only two minutes long so Roy and Plummer train for three minutes to push her limits.

Plummer also got to spar with a three time Canadian champion for practice recently.  It’s common for boxers to practice by going to each other’s gyms and getting experience from friendly sparring.

“I wanted to see was her getting in some boxing and technique, no brawling or anything,” says Roy.

Plummer is facing Candace Ellicot in the fight on Aug. 23.  Ellicot and Plummer have sparred before and Roy says it should be a close and entertaining fight.

One of Roy’s former students, Greg Oickle is also fighting on Aug. 23 though he now trains out of Halifax.

The event starts at 7 p.m. at the South Shore Exhibition main building.  Tickets are $15 ahead of time or $20 at the door.  The event is being hosted by the South Shore Boxing Club. The night will also include a special appearance by TJ Grant, an Ultimate Fighting Challenge fighter from Dartmouth.

Local Sarah Plummer started boxing just a year ago and later this month she will be competing in a provincial boxing event in Bridgewater.

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