Kingston Elementary students try out popular French game of mini handball

Published on July 1, 2014

École Rose des Vents and Kingston Elementary students had the chance to play a game of mini handball recently. The sport is popular among French language schools in Nova Scotia.


Kingston Elementary School students had the chance to try out a sport that's popular with many French language schools in Nova Scotia after École Rose des Vents challenged them to a game recently.

It was the first time students from Kingston had a chance to play an actual game of mini handball. The Kingston team was formed this year after several staff members offered to coach the sport.

Linda Boisvert, coach of the École Rose des Vent team, offered her support by teaching the Kingston team the basic skills needed to play. The goal was to offer an afterschool activity to the student of Kingstons while offering École Rose Des Vent a team to play against.

Mini handball is a ball game for children in grades 4 to 6. The team comprises six players, three boys and three girls, including a goalie. The game has some similarities to basketball. The ball is either dribbled or passed to the other players on the team, and to score, the ball is thrown into a net, similar to soccer.

When playing mini handball, students can exercise, improve their motor skills and co-ordination, and development concepts such as fair play.