Kentville's Burgher Hill becoming bike destination

Bike races planned for Apple Blossom weekend

Jennifer Hoegg
Published on May 18, 2014

What’s going on at Burgher Hill?

That has been a frequently asked question in Kentville for the past few weeks as digging and delving has been going on at the popular sledding destination.  The town is putting in a mountain bike course. 

Rest assured, recreation director Rachel Bedingfield said May 16, sliders won’t be inconvenienced next winter.

“None of the obstacles interfere with sledding,” she said. “(The course is) the side of the hill where no one sleds anyway. This was a piece of space that was unusable because of the wetness.”

Bedingfield said the $12,000 project has been planned for some time and was recently approved by council.  Kentville Recreation hopes to invest in bikes and offer additional programming at the site.

“It will be biggest course east of Montreal,” she said of the four-cross track. TrailFlow Adventures, owned by Wolfville’s Michelle Marcinkiewicz and Ryan Lindh, has been hired to do the trail construction.

At the site May 16, Lindh and Marcinkiewicz were hard at work. Despite being set back slightly by sandy soil, the work should be done far ahead of Apple Blossom weekend, the pair said.

Bedingfield said she didn’t expect there to be additional maintenance cost for the site.

“It will need a little bit of work over time,” Lindh said.  “Once it’s packed down, it’s pretty durable.”

Trail Flow is also hosting a mountain bike festival event in Kentville on Apple Blossom Weekend.

 “Lots of big rollers and banked turns” will be exciting features at the first four-cross race on the hill May 31 as part of Spring Shredfest, Lindh said. “You’ll race down four at a time in elimination format. The top two finishes move on to the next round and the slower two go to consolation rounds.”

The race is for riders 13 and up and full-face helmets are required.

“With four people going on at the same time, there’s opportunity to get bumped a little bit,” Lindh. “It’s going to be really fun.”