Top performances from Wolfville Tritons, Greenwood Dolphins at Junior Provincial Champs

Published on February 10, 2014

Members of the Wolfville Tritons celebrate earning top overall small team honours at the Junior Provincial Champs in Truro Feb. 7 to 9.

Back, from left:  Nicolaas Groeneveld, Emma Murphy, Chantal Mason, Dia Hoegg-Phelps, and Jane Leschied.

Front, from left: coach Amy Burke, Emma Macdonald, Sarah Park, Kyle Woodworth, Andrew Archibald, Brittany Guiney-Yallop, Robert MacDonald, Bo Stokesbury-Price, Sophie Bekkers and coach Caitlin Spackman.

©Jennifer Hoegg -

Kings County swimmers had a successful weekend at the Swim Nova Scotia Junior Provincial Champs in Truro.

Etienne Gagnon,  of the Greenwood Dolphins Swim Club, earned a bronze medal Feb. 9 for  third-best overall performance in the 12 and under division. Among the  11-year-old's results were a  first place finish in the 50-metre free for his age category, first in the 400M free and third in the 200M free.

On the team side, the Wolfville Tritons earned the top  small team banner, and were fifth overall. The Dolphins were 10th among the 14 teams competing.

The Tritons were second in both relays for the boys 13-14 category: Andrew Archibald, Kyle Woodworth, Nicolaas Groeneveld and Robert MacDonald in the 200M free and Archibald, Groeneveld, MacDonald and Bo Stokesbury-Price in the 200M medley.

Wolfville was third in the girls' 15 and over free relay with a team of  Sarah Park, Cordelia Hoegg-Phelps, Jane Leschied and Chantal Mason.


Top-3 finishes

Greenwood Dolphins


Boys 12 and under

Etienne Gagnon, 11

-Third best overall for boys 12 and under

- First in 50M free

- First in 400M free

- Third in 200M free


Boys 13-14

Oliver Cadrain,  13

- Second in 50M back

- Second in 100M back

- Second in 200M back


Girls 13-14

Jenna O'Brien,  14

- First in 50M back

- Second in 200M breast

- Second in 50M breast

- Third in 100M fly


Girls 15 and over

Julie Hotton,  15

- Third in 400M free

Nicole Hutchinson,  17

- Second in 50M breast

- Third in 200M fly

- Third in 100M breast


Wolfville Tritons


Boys 12 and under

Bo Stokesbury-Price,  11

- First in 800M free


- Second in 400M IM

- Third in 50M free


- Third in 50M breast


- Third in 50M fly


Kyle Woodworth,  12

- Second in 50M free


Boys 13-14

Andrew Archibald, 13

- Second 800M free

Robert MacDonald,  14

 - Third 200M back

Girls 12 and under

Emma MacDonald,  11

- First 200M fly

Girls 13-14

Emma Murphy,  14

- Second 400M IM

- Third 200M IM

- Third 50M breast

Girls 15 and over

Cordelia Hoegg-Phelps, 15

-Third in 200M IM

-Third in 800M free

Chantal Mason,  15

- First 800M free

- Second 200M back