Nova Scotia's Lisa Haley helps coach Canada to women's hockey gold in Sochi

Christopher Cameron
Published on February 20, 2014

TC Media

 There wasn’t a dry eye in the Jordan house in Pictou County Thursday afternoon – their girl, Lisa (Jordan) Haley, had helped Canada win gold in Sochi.

“Oh my god Lisa, I can’t tell you how happy your dad and I are for you,” said Bev Jordan to Lisa over the phone, not long after Marie-Philip Poulin scored 8:10 into overtime to give the women’s hockey team Olympic gold over the United States.

“What a game that was Lisa. It was a heart stopper, but it’s so good to see your dream come true 100 per cent with a gold medal win.”

It wasn’t all celebration at the Jordan house yesterday, especially with Canada down 2-0 after Alex Carpenter’s goal early in the third period. Late in regulation most didn’t think Canada could come back, but Dorothy Payne-Dooley, Lisa’s first cousin, kept saying there was still time they could do it.

Every time the puck went into the Canadian zone everyone would yell “no, no, no” or “get the puck out.” In the offensive zone the common phrase was “shoot the puck.”

When Brianne Jenner’s shot found its way into the back of the net, the place erupted. The dogs didn't know what was going on and started bouncing around and barking, almost as though they were cheering on Lisa and Canada too.

Poulin’s first of the game, which tied it 2-2 with 55 seconds remaining in regulation set everyone off again, knowing there was a good shot at completing the comeback and winning gold.

“I’m not saying they’re going to win it, but they deserve to win it,” said Bev in the intermission before overtime. “They worked so hard, they deserve.”

When Poulin’s second goal hit the back of the net on the power play, after everyone was screaming “shoot the puck” in the Jordan house, they were cheering their approval from the living room in Westville. Not a minute later the phone started ringing off the hook with congratulations for the family and Lisa.

Lisa was on the phone within 10 minutes of the game ending, which started a lineup at the phone to congratulate her. Everyone was beaming from ear-to-ear when they got to say congratulations and hear the excitement in her voice on the other end of the line.

"I'm stunned honestly,” said Lisa about the team’s gold medal victory. "It was an unbelievable game. We were confident in our team the whole game and hoped something would go our way. The girls have been working hard for the last year to get ready for this. They've been in situations like this (down two goals) before and they didn't stray from our game plan at all. They were resilient and their hard work paid off.

Lesley, Lisa’s sister, drove down from Halifax for the day to watch the game with her brothers and parents. She said they had always talked about this being a dream of theirs to be at the Olympics some day.

“We always talked about how amazing it would be to get to that point that we could both be there some day,” said Lesley. “To see her on the bench today after the win and see that some day was today for her was an amazing feeling. I was so excited and proud of her.”

Watching on TV was a little more nerve-wracking for Lesley than when she had been in those situations behind the bench with Lisa. She said that likely why Lisa was so calm was the focus on continuing to get the job done and finding ways to be successful on the ice.

“It’s really hard watching a game like that on TV, just to sit there because you’re normally more focused and have a way to affect it when you’re on the bench yourself,” she said. “I was just sitting there cheering and hoping for the best. When they finally came through I went crazy.”

When Poulin scored you could see the excitement and exhaustion all at once as she celebrated and her teammates piled over the boards. Lisa put her hands up on the bench and walked towards fellow assistant coach Danielle Goyette and head coach Kevin Dineen to embrace them.

"At that moment (when they scored in overtime) I was completely stunned," said Lisa. "We had our backs against the wall, but turned things around. I couldn't believe it was unfolding before my eyes. It's an unbelievable feeling to win the biggest game in the world."