Going for the goal: Avon View football team fundraising for scoreboard

Laura Churchill Duke info@valleyfamilyfun.ca
Published on November 9, 2016

Avon View football players, from left, Blake O'Brien, Mackenzie Benedict, Dawson Lake, and Eric Harvey volunteered at the pumpkin weigh off held at the Dill Farm recently. The team has been busy fundraising for a scoreboard.

©Carole Morris-Underhill – Hants Journal

WINDSOR — A scoreboard for the Avon View Avalanche football team seems like a win-win situation.

“A scoreboard would be an amazing thing for our team to have,” says Grade 12 Avon View defence player Robbie Chase.

“Not only is it great for the fans to see the score, but for the team to have and look at with pride as they put points on it.”

The Avon View Avalanche football team is currently fundraising for a scoreboard that will cost approximately $6,500. Currently, they are using a manual scoreboard that was constructed by the team’s head coach, Gord Chase.

Gord says the team has been fundraising since the start of last season and already halfway to their goal. So far the team has held a car show, barbecues, 50/50 draws and a golf tournament.

“A scoreboard is important so that fans, officials and the teams know the time remaining in the game, the score and other important information like downs and yards to go,” Gord said.

Along with fundraising for the scoreboard, the team also has to keep up with their regular fundraising efforts for new gear and training equipment. Gord says new helmets alone cost between $250 and $300 apiece, which makes for a lot of fundraising.

The Avon View Avalanche football team is hopeful the community will support them this season by buying tickets on a gift card tree that will be drawn for on the last day of school before Christmas.

Tickets will be sold at the Avon View West Hants Bands Christmas Craft Fair on Nov. 26 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Avon View High School, 225 Payzant Drive in Windsor.

To make a donation or learn more about the program, contact Gord Chase at bladesigns@eastlink.ca, Clare McCarthy at aremccarthy@eastlink.ca or Lorri Harvey at lorri-davidharvey@outlook.com.

The scoreboard will also offer advertising opportunities. Gord says there will be ad space on the scoreboard, which will be the focal point on the field next to the game play.

Robbie says he has found in most games he has played, seeing the score lit up on a scoreboard gets the team fired up, and it drives players to put more points on the board.

“For the fans, a scoreboard would be a big motivator to cheer their team on as their team scores, this will also help the fans that don't understand the points system to see how many points a team makes from certain plays,” Robbie added.

The Avalanche season was cut short Nov. 6 with a semifinal loss to NKEC, but the team is hoping that by next season, their dream to have a scoreboard could become a reality.