Northeast Kings defeats Avon View 28-0, claims second place in standings

Jennifer Vardy Little
Published on October 24, 2016

Griffin Abbott charges up the field pursued by an Avon View player

©Jennifer Vardy Little

CANNING - A 28-0 victory over Avon View gave the Northeast Kings Titans sole possession of second place.

The two teams were deadlocked going into action in Canning on Oct. 28, with four wins and two losses apiece. It was the first time this season the two teams had faced off and NKEC’s shut out could be foreshadowing to the first round of the playoffs.

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As it stands now, NKEC and Avon View have clinched the second and third spots in the standings and will likely play each other in the first round, with this win giving NKEC home field advantage.

“They’re a great team,” NKEC head coach Reg Ogilvie said after a game that was played mostly in pouring rain – something that has become one of the team’s strengths.

“It was a good win for us and it gives us second place, which is good for us leading into the playoffs.”

But it also means that Avon View has seen most of the Titans’ tricks, so Ogilvie said he will be focusing on pulling a few surprises out of his game book for the next game, he said.

That’s also the strategy for the Avalanche, said head coach Jonathan Chambers.

“We’ve really got to work on being more aggressive,” Chambers said.

“I’m not going to give you all my strategy but we’re really going to work on pumping up the middle a little bit. They’ve got a very strong line so essentially we need to make our lines a little stronger. That way we can get some time to block it and get some plays executed.”

The Avalanche bench, he added, is hurting with a number of injuries to key players. Thankfully, he said, the team has “bigger numbers than we’ve ever had,” giving Chambers a long roster to draw from.

“Hopefully, we’ll get recovered from some of those.”

NKEC still has one game remaining in the regular season and will take on last-place West Kings Oct. 30, while Avon View will travel to Antigonish to play JH Gillis, which is currently in fifth.

Only the top four teams in the six-team Division 2 will make the playoffs.

Central King firmly holds first

Central Kings remains undefeated this season, with a 7-0 record after defeating J.H. Gillis 32-6 on the road Oct. 14. Gillis was expected to travel to Cambridge Oct. 23 but ended up forfeiting the game.

CK has one game remaining in the schedule, when they will face off against Millwood Nov. 1. It’s likely that CK will end up playing the fourth-ranked Millwood team in the first round of the playoffs the following week.