Four in a row: Northeast Kings Titans preparing to face off against Avon View Oct. 22

Jennifer Vardy Little
Published on October 20, 2016

CANNING – The Northeast Kings Titans are on a roll – one they hope to continue when they face off against Avon View on Oct. 22.

NKEC has won its last four games, including a 42-13 victory on the road Oct. 13 against Millwood, just days after a 38-6 win against J.H. Gillis during a wet and windy Thanksgiving Day match-up in Canning.

“This is two wins in a short week – and that’s tough to do,” said NKEC head coach Reg Ogilvie.

“We started really slow against Millwood, I think because of the drive down, but once they got their heads in the game and started playing it was all right.”

At times, the game between NKEC and Millwood could be better described as a track meet, as Griffin Abbott hurdled over a Millwood player as he charged down the field towards the goalposts. Several times, the Titans outran Millwood’s offense, making huge strides down the field.

The Canning team did get into penalty trouble, particularly with late sacks to the quarterback of the Millwood team, but played a strong offensive game that included a final touchdown with just four seconds left on the clock.

“We had some penalties, which hurt us for a bit, but once they got their stride they were OK. It was a good game and they played well,” Ogilvie said. “Millwood played well, too.”

The game against Avon View on Oct. 22 will be pivotal for NKEC. The two teams are tied for second place in the division with four wins and two losses, and with just two regular season games left, the Canning and Windsor squads are likely to meet in the first round of the playoffs, and Ogilvie is aiming for a repeat of last year, when NKEC won the championship.

“We need to be prepared for them,” Ogilvie said. “Avon View is doing fine so far this year so we’ll need to make sure our players are ready. We’ll have to work on our tackle, because somehow tonight we forgot how. We’re going to fix that because that’s what we’re known for. The boys aren’t going to like our practices.”

NKEC’s final game of the season, Oct. 30, is against West Kings. The two teams met up earlier in the season for NKEC’s first win.


Standings as of Oct 16 for NSSAF DIVISON 2


1st           Central Kings                  6-0

2nd          Avon View                       4-2

3rd           NKEC                              4-2         

4th           Millwood                          3-3         

5th           JH Gillis                           1-5

6th           West Kings                      0-6