Valley curlers cheering Team Nova Scotia men, women as both advance to masters' championship pools

Kirk Starratt
Published on April 7, 2016

KENTVILLE - The skip of the Glooscap Curling Club’s men's team says his rink's experience hosting the Canadian Masters championships has been great so far.

Inspite of suffering some losses and it truly has been “a dream come true," Alan Marshall said April 7. 

His rink did not advance to the championship rounds of the competition. 

“I’m not going to let it get me down,” the Kentville curler said April 7. “I’m just an old competitor and I can’t get it out of my blood.”

Glooscap pulled off a 7-1 win against the Yukon’s Team Stuart in Wolfville April 6. Marshall said they had a good game April 7, but “came up a little short” against Saskatchewan’s Team Hritzuk, losing 9-3.

“It’s been a little disappointing but all in all we’re happy,” Marshall said.

Speaking on behalf of the Nova Scotia Masters men’s champions, the Steve Ogden rink, third Brad Meisner said the team won bronze last year at the national championships. They qualified for this year’s championship pool this morning, April 7, with a 7-5 win Northern Ontario’s Team Williams.

He said it would be a difficult journey with three losses so far, but they suffered those losses at the hands of “some very great teams.”

It’s a strong field," he said.  “I find the quality of play tremendous." 

He said it’s wonderful to be in his 60s and to still be able to go out and curl competitively. Meisner said he and his wife used to live in the Gaspereau Valley before re-locating to the Halifax area about 30 years ago.

“The organizers have put on a really good event for everybody,” Meisner said. “It’s just been a blast off the ice.”

Marshall said he's pulling for Team Ogden in the playoffs.

"The more they’re on the ice the better they’ll get," he said. 

Event co-chairperson Kathy Siddall said April 7 the curlers seem pleased so far and are enjoying their stay at the Masters. There were wine tastings at Planters Ridge and visiting teams are enjoying Kings County.

 “It’s been lots of great food and lots of great music.

“One team from Ontario had a tour of the county today and the Lookoff,” she added.

Nova Scotia Women’s Masters champions skip Marg Cutcliffe couldn’t be reached for comment prior to deadline for this article. The Nova Scotia women are also competing in the championship pool. 

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Quick facts

-       As of April 7, play has moved into the championship and seeding pools.

-       The women’s semi-finals will be played at Glooscap while the men’s semi-finals will be played in Wolfville beginning at 2 p.m. April 9.

-       A banquet and dance is planned for April 9 at the Old Orchard Inn in Greenwich.

-       The bronze medal games will be played at Glooscap April 10 at 10 a.m. while the gold medal games will be played in Wolfville April 10 at 2 p.m.