No Nova Scotia games but Jeux de l’Acadie qualifiers for Finale will still be held

Tournaments to take place in in preparation for Finale in Fredericton

Published on April 18, 2017

Members of the PEB's boys' volleyball team celebrate their victory and their advancement to the Finales des Jeux de l'Acadie. ROBERT D'EON PHOTO

YARMOUTH, N.S. – Events are coming up that will determine who gets to represent Nova Scotia at this year’s Finale des Jeux de l’Acadie, including a track-and-field meet in Dartmouth and a number of tournaments in other sports taking place in different locations, including the Par-en-Bas region and Clare.

Ordinarily, Nova Scotia would have its own Jeux de l’Acadie as a qualifier for the Finale. Clare was to have hosted this year’s Nova Scotia games over the Victoria Day weekend, but they were called off in late February as a result of the teachers’ work-to-rule action and not enough time to prepare for the games with enough volunteers.

   Nova Scotia athletes, however, still will a get a chance to go to the Finale – to be held this year in Fredericton (June 28-July 2) – through qualifying events that have been spread from one end of the province to the other.

First up is track and field, which was not affected by this year’s changes. The athletics competition is normally held at Beazley Field in Dartmouth and this is the case again this year, with the meet set for May 12.

A number of qualifying tournaments in other sports will take place the following weekend:

• Boys and girls soccer in Clare.

• Mini handball in Par-en-Bas (the Municipality of Argyle).

• Girls volleyball in Sydney.

• Badminton in Richmond.

Details regarding other sports had yet to be finalized as of press time. Not all sports will have tournaments since the provincial committee’s budget didn’t allow for more tournaments than the ones listed above.

Meanwhile, the Municipality of Clare, which missed out on hosting Nova Scotia’s Jeux de l’Acadie this year, is slated to have them in 2018.

This past winter, as the work-to-rule situation with the province’s teachers wore on, the fate of this year’s Nova Scotia Acadian Games was uncertain, given that teachers play a major role in the games as coaches and volunteers.

Organizers said they would wait until Feb. 28 before making a decision. By this time, the government had imposed a contract on teachers, but organizers of the games decided their best course of action – given the situation with volunteers and time constraints – was to call the games off.

The games had been expected to draw about 1,000 people to the Clare area, including athletes, coaches and volunteers.