Queens boxer recognized for most entertaining fight

Brittany W. Verge brittany.verge@theadvance.ca
Published on August 30, 2014

Sarah Plummer throws a punch at Candace Ellicot during their fight on Aug. 23. Plummer did not win her fight but was recognized as having the most entertaining fight of the night. 

©Martin Blais – Aggro Photography

Sarah Plummer may not have won her fight but she sure entertained.

Plummer fought Candace Ellicot at Fight Night in Bridgewater on Aug. 23. Her fight with Ellicot won the women a trophy for “Fight of the Night” – meaning the most entertaining of the night.

Their fight was chosen out of 10 fights. Plummer and her trainer, Shaun Roy, are pretty pleased with that.

“We put on a show that is for sure, we had the crowd going from start to finish,” says Plummer.

The fight was a three round fight and it went to a decision by the judges, who awarded Ellicot the title. Roy says Plummer fought really hard and won her last round with Ellicot.

“I told her in between the second and third round… you got to go out there and put everything you have into it,” says Roy. “She came out with her guns blazing.”

Plummer’s opponent was from Bridgewater and their fight brought out both a crowd from Bridgewater and over 50 people from Queens County.

“The crowd was all hometown so the energy was amazing,” says Plummer. “I was overwhelmed by the support from the community.”

Unlike her last fight, Plummer says this time she had a lot more bruising.  She doesn’t mind, but some find it a bit alarming.

“I didn’t go out and about town too much after,” she laughs.

Roy says he and Plummer will start training again soon for the next fight. Plummer’s new goal is to fight in a show in Cape Breton at the end of the summer.

“It’s probably the biggest show in Nova Scotia for the year,” says Roy. “We’ve got her name in there so we’re just hoping to get a phone call for that.”