Eric Locke wins Digby Pines Men's Golf Club Championship

Jonathan Riley, Digby Courier
Published on August 25, 2014

Eric Locke won the Digby Pines Men's Golf Club Championship played Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 23 and 24.

Club Champion    Eric Locke 133

Overall Low Net  Tom Ryan 132

Senior Champion Cleve Theriault  148

Super Senior Champion Don Hattie 164

Past President Champion Murray Carruthers 142

Lefthanders Champion Maurice Parker134

Division 1

1st Gross Jamie MacLeod 144

2nd Gross Justin Wood       150

3rd Gross Andy Wilson       156

4th Gross Charlie McCarlie 156

1st Net    Murray Carruthers 142

2nd Net  Rod Robicheau     144

3rd Net   Keith Murphy 146

4th Net   Keith Amero 148

Division 2

1st Gross Rick Olsen 160

2nd Gross Rod Phillips 165

3rd Gross Ken Wagner 165

4th Gross Joey Amer 67

1st Net    Blair Kubicek 143

2nd Net  Danny Wright 149

3rd Net   Bobby Morgan 149

4th Net   Dale Stewart 150

Division 3

1st Gross Al Dupuis 165

2nd Gross Tony Nadeau 170

3rd Gross Chris Joyce 176

4th Gross Greg Applejohn 178

1st Net Bill Williams 145

2nd Net  Peter Turnbull 150

3rd Net   Dick Dooley 151

4th Net   Barry McEwen 153

Division 4

1st Gross Luke Dugas 170

2nd Gross Robert Jeffrey 178

3rd Gross Dallas Kenley 187

4th Gross Tim Bates 195

1st Net Maurice Parker 134

2nd Net  Don Kennedy 143

3rd Net   John Cowan 149

4th Net   Fred Bates 151*

(Bates also had a hole-in-one on the second hole on Saturday.)