Horton High hands out athletic awards

Davidson, Newcombe senior athletes of the year

John Decoste jdecoste@kingscountynews.ca
Published on June 19, 2014

Cameron Davidson and Kathleen Newcombe were recognized as Horton High School’s senior athletes of the year when the school’s athletic department handed out its year-end athletic awards recently.

Davidson, a Grade 12 student who played football and hockey for Horton and co-chaired the students’ council athletics committee, was the choice for senior male athlete of the year.

Newcombe, also in Grade 12 and a dedicated multi-sport athlete who participated in cross-country, soccer, hockey, rugby and wrestling, was chosen senior female athlete of the year.

Horton also recognizes junior varsity athletes of the year from Grade 10 and 11, and junior athletes of the year from Grade 9.

The JV female athlete of the year was Gillian Cumby, and the JV male athlete of the year was Gabe Morgan. Junior athletes of the year were Coleman Hooper and co-winners Jayda Veinot and Meghan McLean.


Winning year

Athletic directors David Lang, who is retiring this year following a 35-year teaching career, and Jason Pleasant Sampson said it was a very successful year for Horton student-athletes and teams.

Horton captured 10 regional championships in 2013-2014, including intermediate boys’ cross-country, junior varsity girls’ soccer, D-1 boys’ volleyball, junior varsity girls’ and boys’ basketball, D-1 girls’ and boys’ basketball, junior boys’ softball, Tier 2 senior boys’ rugby and intermediate girls’ track and field.

Miklos Kanyasi won an individual provincial championship in intermediate boys’ singles badminton. Brock O’Brien and Katherine Theriault both won individual provincial championships in senior wrestling.

The Horton intermediate girls’ track and field team of Gillian Cumby, Jayda Veinot, Jane Hergett, Taylor Kehoe, Maria Rodrigues, Emily MacArthur and Maia Timmons won the provincial team championship, Horton’s first provincial track and field banner since 2003-2004 and only the second provincial championship in the 40 years Horton has competed in NSSAF track and field.  

Special recognition was also given to Tyler Carter, a track and field Special Athlete who had two first-place finishes and one third-place finish at the regional championships. He went on to capture ] two silver and a bronze medal at provincials.

Student council representatives Gillianne Gates, Davidson and Alex Whamond presented the student council team of the year award to the girls’ hockey team.

Graysen Parker, Brett Dickie and coach Lang were recognized and presented with certificates for representing Horton at the NSSAF Celebration of School Sport.

NSSAF Scholar-Athlete Awards were presented to Coleman Hooper (junior male), Jayda Veinot (junior female), Ross Bagnell (senior male) and Gisele Rudderham (senior female). Hooper was recognized as the recipient of the Western Region junior male scholar-athlete award.

Horton also presented recognition awards to three international students from the NSSAF. Gian Matteo received the international student outstanding athlete award, Kangwon Kim received the international student athletic sportsmanship award and Harry Kanno received an international athlete sport participation medal.

Winners include:


 Intermediate Boys

Coaches Award: Keevan Veinot  

Rookie: Oliver Grant-Adam  

MVP: Coleman Hooper  

Intermediate Girls

Coaches Award: Gillian Cumby  

Fair Play and Dedication: Jayda Veinot  

MVP: Emily MacArthur  

Senior Boys

Coaches Award: Ryan Fuller

Fair Play and Dedication: Donovan Cassidy-Nolan

 MVP: Bryden Dunphy

 Senior Girls

Coaches Award: Kathleen Newcombe

 Fair Play & Dedication: Carlena Eye

 MVP: Jessica Shaffelburg.

Golf –

 Senior Boys

Fair Play & Dedication: Ryan O’Rourke

 Senior Girls

Fair Play & Dedication: Darcy Fuller

 Junior Boys

MVP: Drew Ward  

Senior Boys

MVP: Taylor Brown  

Senior Girls

MVP: Meghan McLean.


 Rookie: John Payne, Doug Hassell  

Coaches Award: Jason Starratt  

MVP: Cameron MacPherson.


 Rookie: Isaac Melanson MacKenzie Carr  

Unsung Hero: Josh Willoughby, Logan Burhoe  

MVP: Jacob Melanson.

Junior Girls’ Soccer

Fair Play & Dedication: Jillian Miller

 Most Improved: Georgia Bauer  

MVP: Trin MacKenzie.

Junior Boys’ Soccer

 Fair Play & Dedication: Parker King  

MVP: Simon Wassef.

JV Girls’ Soccer

 Coaches Award: Courtney Garland  

MVP: Gisele Rudderham, Kathleen Newcombe.

D-1 Boys’ Soccer

Fair Play & Dedication (Hatt Trophy): Hunter Haas, Nick Crowdis  

MVP: Gabe Morgan.

D-1 Girls’ Soccer

 Fair Play & Dedication: Keely Carey, MacKenzie Pardy  

MVP: Gillianne Gates, Hilary Roberts.

Junior Girls Volleyball

 Fair Play & Dedication (Sandy MacDow Award): Georgia Hall  

Most Improved: Joanna Gates  

MVP: Taylor Davidson.

JV Girls’ Volleyball

 Fair Play & Dedication: Darcy Thimot  

MVP: Brittany Briggs.

JV Boys’ Volleyball

 Fair Play & Dedication: Brennan Mosher  

MVP: Mitchell MacNeil.

D-1 Girls’ Volleyball

 Rookie: Claudia Yoell  

Fair Play & Dedication: Sydney Boyachek  

MVP: Maddy MacDonald.

D-1 Boys’ Volleyball

 Fair Play & Dedication: Eric Tynski  

MVP: Calum MacKinnon, Jonah Brodeur.

Cheer Club

Coaches Award: Ronnie Spencer  

MVP: Nicole Smith.



Coaches Award: Catherine Theriault  

Fair Play & Dedication: Kathleen Newcombe  


Coaches Award: Theo de Muizon  

Fair Play & Dedication: Brock O’Brien  

MVP: Kirklyn Levy.


 Fair Play & Dedication: Justin MacKillop  

MVP: Rose Kyd.

Junior Boys’ Basketball

 Coaches Award: Lex Corbett  

MVP: Jaden Christopher.

Junior Girls’ Basketball

 Coaches Award: Ruth Curry, Kaitlyn Zwicker

 MVP: Taylor Kehoe, Jade Johnston.

JV Girls’ Basketball

Coaches Award: Haruka Kashiwai.

MVP: Emily Merks.

JV Boys’ Basketball

Top Defensive Player: Glen Fraser  

Fair Play & Dedication: Hunter Haas, Sam MacDonald  

MVP: Jamile Smith.

D-1 Boys’ Basketball

Coaches Award: Iain Thomas, Matt Ingham  

Rookie: Keevan Veinot  

MVP: Gage Sabean.

D-1 Girls’ Basketball

Coaches Award: Graysen Parker  

Rookie: Haley McDonald, Jayda Veinot  

MVP: Lauren Jodrey.

Junior Boys’ Hockey

 Coaches Award: Austin Woodland, Wes Weatherbee.

Senior Boys’ Hockey

 Coaches Award (Bezanson Trophy): Evan Leslie, Cam Davidson  

MVP (Jordan Award): Ben Hewins  

Top Graduating Defenceman (Jason Allen Award)  Ryan O’Rourke.

Senior Girls’ Hockey

 MVP: Morgan Benjamin, Gisele Rudderham, Kathleen Newcombe (co-winners).

Table Tennis

Fair Play & Dedication: Taylor Dauphinee  

MVP: Chris Leeman.


Rookie: Noah Ford  

Fair Play & Dedication: Naomi Kent  

MVP: Melissa Meisner.


 Intermediate MVP: Miklos Kanyasi  

Senior MVP: Jonah Brodeur  

Intermediate Fair Play & Dedication: Jennika Fuller

 Senior Fair Play & Dedication : Leigh Murphy

Coaches Award: Addy Young.

Junior Girls’ Softball

 Fair Play & Dedication: Brenna Huntley

MVP: Trin MacKenzie.

Junior Boys’ Softball

 Coaches Award: Lex Corbett

Fair Play & Dedication: Tristan Cavanagh, Nathan Sangster  

MVP: Noah MacPherson.

Senior Girls’ Softball

Leadership: Breanna Cook  

Fair Play & Dedication: Christie Webb  

MVP: Keely Carey.

Senior Boys’ Softball

 Coaches Award: Nick Croft  

Fair Play & Dedication: Glen Fraser  

MVP: Jason Starratt.

Senior Boys’ Rugby

Fair Play & Dedication: Justin Deschenes, Liam Coldwell  

MVP: Zach Beaman.

Senior Girls’ Rugby

 Rookie: Shay Beaton  

Coaches Award: Meredith Murray  

MVP: Emily West.

Track and Field

 Intermediate Girls

 Coaches Award: Emily MacArthur  

Rookie: Taylor Kehoe  

MVP: Gillian Cumby.

Intermediate Boys

Coaches Award: Isaac Melanson  

Rookie: Owen Lee  

MVP: Coleman Hooper.

Senior Girls

 Coaches Award: Emily Merks  

Fair Play & Dedication: Jessica Shaffelburg  

MVP: Courtney Garland.

Senior Boys

Coaches Award: Brock O’Brien  

Fair Play & Dedication (Cleveland Award): Colin Hassell  

MVP: Tyler Carter.

International Student awards

Outstanding Athlete Award: Gian Matteo.

Student Athletic Sportsmanship Award:  Kangwon Kim.

Sport Participation Medal: Harry Kanno


Students’ Council Team of the Year

Senior girls’ hockey

NSSAF Ambassadors of School Sport

Brett Dickie, Graysen Parker and David Lang (teacher/coach).

NSSAF Scholar-Athlete Award

Coleman Hooper (Western Region Junior Male Scholar-Athlete), Jayda Veinot, Ross Bagnell, Gisele Rudderham


Junior Athletes of the Year

 Jayda Veinot, Meghan McLean (co-winners), Coleman Hooper

JV Athletes of the Year

Gillian Cumby, Gabe Morgan

Senior Athletes of the Year

Kathleen Newcombe, Cameron Davidson.