Middleton businesses vandalized

Heather Killen
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At least four businesses were targeted sometime in the early hours of Aug. 25. Blue Griffin Books, Middletown Sweets, Sunlife Insurance and the Middleton pool were all hit with break and enters.

Bakery, book store and insurance agent targeted with break and enters

Annapolis RCMP and members of the forensic investigation unit were canvassing Middleton businesses this morning, hoping to gather information to help solve four break and enters that took place overnight.

Corporal Scott MacMillan said that at least four businesses were targeted sometime in the early hours of Aug. 25. Blue Griffin Books, Middletown Sweets, Sunlife Insurance and the Middleton pool were all hit with break and enters.

“We’re gathering information now,” he said. “We’re hoping that someone will have video surveillance that could help us.”

While the extent of the damages and losses are still being determined the three business owners -  Erica Pretzlaw, Jonathan Archibald, and Brian Neville -  are trying to make sense of why they were targeted, as none keep large amounts of money onsite.

Pretzlaw, of Middletown Sweets, said that she knew something was wrong as soon as she opened her door at 5:45 a.m.The bakery was vandalized; food, pop and milk were dumped over the floor and windows, some of her equipment was overturned.

“The door was unlocked when I arrived and I could smell something,” she said, Monday. “I don’t know the extent of the losses, but we will lose business and whatever food we lost.”

Three employees will also lose several day’s pay, due to the business being forced to shut down for several days while she cleans up. Entry was gained through a window at the side of the business.

Archibald, owner of Blue Griffin Books, said he noticed something was wrong at the bakery when he was walking his dog at 8 a.m. A short time later police called to let him know that someone had also broken into his store, getting in through the air conditioning vent.

“I noticed something wrong at Erica’s, it was like someone egged the front window,” he said. “There were a couple of guys sitting on the bench in front of the store and they told me that she had been broken into. I didn’t think to check mine.”

Archibald said  his cash float is missing, along with money he was collecting for local authors such as Dave and Paulette Whitman, and charity money for CAPS.

“The area around the cash was trashed and they smashed the bottles that contained the money for the charities,” he said. He tallies his other main losses with having to close for half a day and whatever property damaged that was caused by the break and enter.

Neville’s office at Sunlife was also targeted, with the thieves kicking in the back door, despite it being barred shut. These offices were ransacked and small amounts of cash were taken.

“They made a mess,” he said. “It’s so senseless, I’m shocked it would happen to an insurance agent. Fortunately no personal records were taken, and no confidential files were compromised.”

Desk drawers had been opened the contents dumped on the floor, toothbrushes and toothpaste were dumped in the toilet. Neville had framed old currency as keepsakes and the thieves smashed the glass to take the old bills.  Three laptops were also taken, although Neville said he thinks these will be useless without the correct passwords.

Jodie Moase, of the Middleton Recreation Department, said the town pool was also targeted for the second time this summer. She doesn’t know the extent for the damage caused this time, but adds that the town staff don’t leave valuables there.

Organizations: RCMP, Sunlife Insurance, Middleton Recreation Department

Geographic location: Annapolis

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Recent comments

  • jillian
    August 26, 2014 - 21:28

    I find it grosse....i find it disgusting....that people cant leave other peoples property alone....these people have these businesses because they support themselves and there familys...to destroy that for someone is crude....demeaning....and heartbreaking....these people who did this need to find a job instead of being on welfare and stealing for a living...i hope they are found and held responsible for allll of it....but what price can u put on mental angush?...

  • kenneth robar
    August 26, 2014 - 19:29

    what is wrong with people in middleton.how can they do porn. it is sad that this person do not have a live. i hope mother,s and father,s keep a eye on what kids see or talk to on the internet.we have to keep kids safe from people like this.this is how kids go missing. and with harper not willing to look into missing and killed girls we need to keep kids safe all over nova scotia and canada. if anyone you think is doing wrong and will put your kid at risk please call the rcmp.it has been a ongoing thing with people doing porn

  • ross prost
    August 26, 2014 - 14:36

    More senseless crime due to the influx of scum who use the methadone clinic.

  • kenneth robar
    August 25, 2014 - 22:04

    i hope people know that i can tell you it is kids who is doing all this.if the town do not do more to keep the town safe they will see more of this no one can tell me it.s not kids. after they had taken out the town police the crime. has gone up but you can not tell them that and with the old hospital still open it will not help the town.and people do not take a stand with all this.if people would wake up and see that the old hospital has a bad name.then they would have it close down.with out good police in the town it will go to the dogs. and the town is there is no leadership to help the town.and most of the crime is done by kids because they get off easy by the courts it is a joke. and i stand by that

  • Marion Criece
    August 25, 2014 - 14:32

    I can't understand why these hoodlums think it is ok to take and destroy other peoples property. I hope they are caught and made to pay back every cent this has cost these business. (including lost wages, etc)