UPDATE Kings SPCA fundraising for cremation cost of puppy killed in alleged Kingston break-in

Nancy Kelly
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Local organizations are coming together to help the owners of a puppy that was killed in an alleged break and enter in Kingston.

Rosebud, a five-month old boxer/pitbull cross breed puppy, was found dead by her owners, Matthew Dominey and Shane Corbin, when they returned home on Aug. 4. An investigation into the dog’s death and the alleged break-in is now underway by Kings District RCMP.

“We are heartbroken beyond words for Shane and Matthew and for the violence and cruelty shown to little Rosebud,” the Kings County Branch of the SPCA posted on its Facebook page Aug. 7.

“We are also hoping to purchase a nice urn for her ashes, with her name inscribed on it.”

Donations to the fund can be made by calling or dropping into the shelter, located on County Home Road in Waterville.

The New Minas Pet Valu location is pitching to help with the fundraiser with an in-store donation jar.

“We partner with the SPCA on most of their fundraising. And this case is so heartbreaking, it’s extremely sad,” said store manager Stephanie Brannen.

Rosebud’s body has been sent to Truro for an autopsy.

Dominey said the back door of the house had been pried open and the house had been broken into. Their five-month-old puppy had been left dead in the bathtub, with both its hind legs broken and a juice jug over its head.

“They didn’t take anything,” he said, “but they killed the dog.”

Dominey said an incident like this “poses a risk to the community, especially in an area with a lot of children.”

He reported he received a call Aug. 6 from police letting him know about the autopsy, which he hopes will help police with their investigation.

Dominey and Corbin adopted Rosebud in March. He also confirmed the local SPCA has offered to cremate Rosebud and return her ashes to them at no cost.

Dominey said he and Corbin plan to keep Rosebud’s ashes with them once they are returned to them.

Anyone with any information that might help police with the investigation of the incident can call Kingston RCMP at (902) 765-3317.

Geographic location: Kingston, Truro

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  • Ronda
    August 11, 2014 - 12:02

    Just in Case

  • dg
    August 10, 2014 - 07:04

    We hunt to survive. I certain that Sarah probably knew that but was she aware of the weird people that wonder the streets of Vancouver. Or could that be what brought her here or all the other places she has lived. Sarah, there are not any places in the world today that are safe from weirdos. Sorry. .. maybe in your head but we have drs for that. ... yes, here in the backwoods of NS. You sound like all the other spoiled little people, Wake up girl. Build an electric fence and live in peace. But watch out for the boogey (wo) man. And Mr Dominey maybe someone felt the risk of a pitbull around a community full of young children was a bigger risk in the future considering they are known to disfigure and kill children. That's a known fact any news hound, such as Sarah, who I'm sure would have read these stories in the media multiple times. I don't disagree with Sarah on some of her points especially the weird s^*t but wake up. We are on the mild side of the crazy world. Read the Vancouver/Edmonton/Toronto Sun anyday. Or move to the Middle East. They eat dogs.

  • R. Swicker
    August 07, 2014 - 13:33

    An autopsy for a dog? What a complete waste of resources. Yes, its sad that this dog is dead, and if they find the clowns that did it, charge them. But what does it matter how the dog was killed?! Lets skip autopsies on a personal piece of property like a dog.

    • Joy
      August 07, 2014 - 16:02

      The autopsy may provide clues to who committed the crime and may result in adding additional evidence resulting in a conviction. It is not just about a dog. Most violent criminals who harm people have started on their path of violence by harming animals.

  • Sarah Jones
    August 07, 2014 - 09:47

    We just moved here from Vancouver 2 years ago. What is it with the men in Nova Scotia. All of these red necks in half ton pick ups everywhere who can’t wait for hunting season. Gross! We’ve lived all over Canada and parts of the USA and have never seen anything like this. Some of the headlines we’ve seen over the past two years include kitten left to die in zipped-up backpack, dog found frozen to death in North Preston, man grabs cat by the hind legs and smashes it on the pavement, 2 boys bash in the heads of 15 baby seals for fun, man swings cat by the neck, man angry at girlfriend beats her cat to death, man has sex with cat, man runs over couples dog for revenge, couple burns a cross on front lawn and now this. A man actually tortured a 5 month old helpless, unsuspecting, innocent puppy? What a bunch of depraved, uneducated, disgusting hillbilly’s! I hope someone breaks your legs and sticks a jug over your head you disgusting derilict, vile pig. “Me, Big Man! er, er! I can kill a kitten! er, er! I can torture a puppy! er! er! Digusting Hillbilly Pig.

    • Alleged
      August 07, 2014 - 15:29

      Awesome rant Sarah! So true.

    • Darren LeBlanc
      August 08, 2014 - 14:52

      It is not only Nova Scotia, this world is full of sickos. Thankfully, good people do exist, maybe not enough of them, but they are out there.

    • NS man
      August 08, 2014 - 15:25

      How do you know a man did this? Nice display of bigotry Sarah. Who are you going to rant on next? Black people? The problem is not 'men'. It is individuals who have a lack of empathy and enjoy violence. The average NS man would like to see the person who did this locked up behind bars. NS doesn't need anti-male bigots like you. Maybe you should head back to BC.

    • Animal-loving Maritimer
      August 09, 2014 - 12:04

      What's with the arrogance of folks in Vancouver? The population appears to be over 50% Asian; you can't afford to live in a place bigger than a closet without selling a kidney; and the other percentage of folks are like, well, YOU. Every province has their shortcomings. Go back if you hate it here so much. Good riddance.

  • Alleged
    August 06, 2014 - 16:48

    How can it be "an alleged break-in"? The house was broken into or it wasn't!!!! The article even states that the house was broken into!!! Please stop using the word alleged! When it's used it makes it appear that you're protecting someone. Rant done. I hope they catch the 'alleged' SOB.