On the farm by Glen Ells: Information overload

Published on June 15, 2014

This week has been short on free moisture. The rain last week was forecast to be about one inch, but only one half-inch showed up in my rain gauge. Today, they say just plain rain for Saturday, so let’s hope the forecast is accurate this time. Sometimes I think the pros try too hard and end up correct less than half of the time when chance would seem to say they could be 50/50 by just guessing.

Since the warm weather arrived, field crops have come into view. Driving around, there seems to be lots of soybeans this year and they look great so far. Some corn fields still look a bit on the yellow side but some water and warmth will get them green and growing.

The farmers that produce forage for their livestock have been busy taking off that first cut, which was delayed a bit by the cool spring. It really took off during the past two weeks. I almost miss the rush and stress of forage harvesting, but upon reflection, my grin wins out.

It really puzzles me how today’s active generation copes with all the information that comes their way. I’d hate to have to make a long-term plan based on the available information. I’d never get all the available information gathered, sorted and digested and put into a plan in time to implement it.

I just finished reading the latest issue of Rural Delivery, which contained more information about the Nova Scotia dairy industry than most of us need to know. Add that load if info to a piece in another magazine recently, which trashed Canada’s supply management system as it applies to our milk supply, and I wonder how well young dairy farmers are sleeping these days. Hopefully, they are too busy to experience information overload, which seems to affect retired folks with too much time on their hands.