Calling all colourers - Liverpool artist has drawn Nova Scotia for you

Published on April 18, 2017

Liverpool resident Julie Babin has jumped on the adult colouring bandwagon, with a new book called Colour Nova Scotia. The book will be featured in a fundraiser for the IWK telethon, and there will be some celebrity colourers showing their style.

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LIVERPOOL - Julie Babin is a Liverpool artist who decided to jump on the adult colouring book wagon with a new book called Colour Nova Scotia.

“I love colouring and I love Nova Scotia so I said ‘yeah, let’s do that’,” she says.

“I’ve always loved colouring. And then this adult colouring book craze came out, and all of a sudden it wasn’t just teddy bears and bunnies, it was really cool things to colour, it kind of inspired me to do this.”

Babin’s book features scenes from Nova Scotia that she drew herself. Many of them are from Queens County – including Carters Beach, the Mersey Band,  and bunnies at White Point Beach Resort. But it doesn’t stop in Queens. There are scenes from Halifax, Amherst, Lunenburg, and many other colourful Nova Scotia communities.

“I wanted to get all ages so if you can hold a crayon or pencil you can handle it.”

She chose her illustrations from some of her favourite places in Nova Scotia.

“Just places that I really loved, and I think that everybody else should experience, if they can’t get there they should at least be able to put their own mark on it.”

She has a couple of favourites – including the Dartmouth Oil Refinery and an illustration featuring her own children building sandcastles.

Babin says she’s been working on the book for about a year, looking through old photographs, postcards, and some of her own paintings.

And some of the illustrations will be coloured by some famous Nova Scotians, as part of a fundraiser for the IWK Children’s Hospital in Halifax.

“We’re having different celebrities such as Ellen Page and the Trailer Park Boys, notable Nova Scotians, have been sent the colouring book and colour images and send them back, and then they’ll be auctioned off for the IWK.”

The auction will be part of the IWK telethon, which is scheduled for June.

The book is on sale now at Coles and Chapters across the province, and locally at Lanes Privateer Inn and the Port Grocer.