Posters go up in missing woman's Dartmouth neighbourhood

Catie MIller has been missing for more than a month

Haley Ryan
Published on August 18, 2014

Dozens of people walked the streets of north Dartmouth Sunday afternoon with posters of Catie Miller under their arms to make sure the missing woman’s neighbourhood was “well-covered,” her father said.

It’s been an incredible experience to have so many people volunteer their time and to help keep this alive,” he said Aug.17 , pausing for a moment.

“Just keep us going one day at a time because it’s kind of tough.”

Catherine ‘Catie” Miller, 29, has been missing for over a month. She was last heard from on July 15 when she texted from her Dartmouth apartment and called a cab. Police say they do not suspect foul play.

John said, while the postering campaign has done well so far, and the Facebook group set up to bring awareness to Catie’s case keeps track of where posters are, it’s especially important to make sure bus stops, apartment lobbies and telephone polls near her apartment are “very well covered.”

Signs have been put up from British Columbia to Newfoundland, John said, and they are hoping to cover the country because he said Catie could be anywhere.

Jessica Pratt and Sarah Tryon went to Charles P. Allen High School with Catie, and said they wanted to help out with postering on Sunday to show their support for her family.

(Catie also attend King's-Edgehill School in Windsor.) 

“It’s just anything to help. I can’t even imagine what this family’s going through,” Pratt said.

Tryon said the more people who see Catie’s picture “the better.”

When Catie first went missing, Pratt said it seemed like “just another headline” until she saw a photo and realized it was Miller.

“I was like ‘Woah.’ It kind of hit close to home even though I didn’t know her lately,” she said.